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PostPosted: Sun 10 Aug, 2003  Reply with quote

Xenesis wrote:

Good idea.

pasQuale, what do you think?

yep, it's already on the to do list... I have to to an upgrade for the forum first, after that i can add it smile

upgrade will be sometimes in the near future, don't worry, i'll warn, and it won't take so long as the moving.

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PostPosted: Mon 11 Aug, 2003  Reply with quote

YAY!!!! party3

I'm so glad that the forum is back up. I was having a hard time too...I kept thinking of things I wanted to post on the forum and then realising I couldn't. Many, many congratulations to pasQuale for devoting so much of her time to the forum. thumbs I am of the firm opinion that it is the best forum on the net. Its at least the best one I've ever found. I think its mostly due to the people...nobody on here is a jerk. Everyone is nice. In addition to that, we have great people like pasQuale who really care about the forum and improve and maintain it. It all makes me happy... ^^

Also, the idea about your gender being shown under your avatar is a good one. I'm all for it. I was actually wishing we had something like that a few weeks ago, after looking at another forum that had it. Quale, after you take a good long vacation, it would be cool if you added that feature to the forum.

Anyway, I guess thats about it...I'll throw in one last expression of happiness for good measure.

party3 :doublegrin: thumbs

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