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Recently no Dream Recall

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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Recently no Dream Recall
PostPosted: Thu 16 Dec, 2010  Reply with quote

Hello I am new to Lucid Dreaming. I have been doing RCs and keeping a DJ for about 2 weeks now. I usually remember 3-4 dreams a night but recently i have been having to get up at 6 every morning and i cant remember anything from my dreams. Could me having to get up early have an effect on my dream recall? whatsthat


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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Thu 16 Dec, 2010  Reply with quote

it depends on how you wake up, if you wake with alarms or calls from people this can distract and cause you to instantly let go of your dreams, i don't think waking up early on its own will make you forget dreams , because i wake between 4am and 6 am and can still remember my dreams.

i did however, around the same time as you lose my dream recall, i wouldn't worry too much either way, it will come back eventually, and the better you get at it the more normal it will be to remember them

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PostPosted: Sun 19 Dec, 2010  Reply with quote

The same thing happens to me too. sadblauw On weekdays when I have to get up early, 1 dream recalled is a lot but it's just a case of practice, plus what rodders said. Alarms tend to not be very DR-friendly, so trying to wake up a few minutes before it with auto-suggestion is a good start.

Also, don't get frustrated, it's all pretty normal. And DR can vary naturally too, you might just start remembering a few dreams after a while.

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PostPosted: Mon 20 Dec, 2010  Reply with quote

Yeah, I've noticed that too! I have had been waking up around 4:00 AM a lot lately with no recall of the dream I had before. I do not use an alarm, and am not attempting a WBTB approach. It is strange, but your DR should come back soon, don't worry. smile

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PostPosted: Mon 20 Dec, 2010  Reply with quote

If you get up at 6am every morning, but without sacrificing dream time(sleep early,wake early), then your dream recall should be fine since you still get the same amount of sleep every night. Just to let you know, having a regular sleep schedule( go to sleep and wake up at roughly the same time every night) helps you to remember your dreams better. smile

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