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Awareness Mastering Technique

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King Vanny
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PostPosted: Wed 14 Sep, 2011  Reply with quote

This page needs to be pinned! This is the best awareness article i have read! If not one of the best articles/posts i have read

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Quest Doctor
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PostPosted: Thu 15 Sep, 2011  Reply with quote

Thanks Rhett!

And -DreamCatcher- that is awesome, I should plan an experiment about the article and I'll consider these points, thanks!

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Thu 05 Jan, 2012  Reply with quote

I will most definetly try this out. I think that this has the potential to help people like you and me with ADD to improve a little. I often find myself day dreaming or simply disconected with the world and i think this might help me learn more about what i normally think when my mind wanders off. Thanks alot for sharing this with us.


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