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I'm afraid of my subconscious!

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I'm afraid of my subconscious!
PostPosted: Fri 11 Mar, 2011  Reply with quote

I few nights ago, I had the first real lucid dream that I can remember. I had dabbled in half-assed experiences that almost lead to an LD. For example, a dream character that was a projection of a person I know in real life who I look up to for advice, actually asked me "Hey, Julian. Can you normally fly? Are you having a Lucid?" My dream self gave some stupid explanation as to why flying what completely normal. Upon awaking, I realized how stupid I was.

In my first lucid dream, I started floating when I said " I'm floating! This is a dream!" I stuck my fist in the air like superman and started flying, but the moment I questioned in my mind weather it was possible, I started to fall. I realized this was the case and was able to fly again. I vaguely remember perching up on a billboard excited as can be attempting to create buildings, but that's all I remember. I don't remember actually making buildings, but i remember attempting. I have not been taking my omega-3 so my dream recall sucks. <mod>slight edit</mod>

After all this researching and reality checking my first LD came by "accident", or rather recognizing continuing themes in dreams. Being in a FUBAR amount of trouble is usually a indication that I'm having a dream. That scares me. What is it about my brain that makes it want to feel like I'm in trouble? The trouble can range from fleeing the government to all of my friends hating me. The relief I feel when I wake up feels exactly the same way it feels to be let off the hook in real life. Suddenly, I realize that I didn't actually commit any crime to be guilty of.

I recently detoxed from benzodiazapines and methadone and I have some emotional problems. I want to start LDing, but should I take caution so I don't end up like the guy who's DC's all kill him every time he starts dreaming? I know it's all mental, but the last thing I need is to be lost in my own interactive night terrors.

Sorry for the wall of text.....I had a lot to say lol

Advice please

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PostPosted: Fri 11 Mar, 2011  Reply with quote

There's no need to fear your subconscious smile

Here's the thing that you have to remember; it's a part of you. Sometimes nightmares happen because your SC is trying to warn you about something, but other times they're just bad dreams. The nice thing about being lucid is that you can take them back. There is no reason to think that you would become a DC killing psycho just because nightmares make you lucid.

Everyone has dreams like this, the trick is to utilize your lucidity to figure out why. Why not ask the government official why they're chasing you? Why not ask your friends why they hate you? You know it's a dream, nothing is going to hurt you ^^

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