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Real or not? ( My LD )

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Real or not? ( My LD )
PostPosted: Sat 08 Jan, 2011  Reply with quote

The thing is I just experienced something very weird.

Direct passage from my DJ:

I was in front of this blue door, the one in the lucid crossroads and it states there that when you see that door you will become lucid. Then it just hits me "I am dreaming!". I told myself to do a reality check, but I was too excited and the dream started to fade I away. I then woke up in my bed. In my excitement, I forgot to do a reality check to make sure that it wasn't a false awakening.

I then started to lay back to sleep. After awhile( which was actually a few seconds ) I felt this amazing buzz of static and electricity in my body. I was sleeping on my stomach. This electricity continued and soon I felt a weird sensation. It felt like my body was being pulled into my bed, like I am falling. My body was weightless, It's hard to describe. In my eyes I could see a lot of things flash into my eyes very quickly, I could hear something, I didn't know it but it was filling my ears so I couldn't hear anything else. Everything felt so real so far, all the sounds and sensations. And then Bam!, sleep paralysis. It felt very weird, like I was in two places at once.

I decided to open my dream eyes as I was back there standing at the door but noo stupid me decided the paralysis was more interesting. I moved my hands, my real hands wouldn't move... I moved my legs and it wouldn't move also. It felt strange... almost addicting. I could move my fingers though, I read in an article that you can break sleep paralysis by moving toes and fingers. I then finally tried to go in the dream world, at this point I already lost control and the dream was fading, then I woke up.

So my question is, was that a real transition into the dream world or was it just fake?
And if it is not a real one, Is that how you feel when you do WILD?

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PostPosted: Sat 08 Jan, 2011  Reply with quote

Welcome to LD4all.

When you woke up, did you move or just went back to sleep? I think, you unintentionally managed to do the so called "chaining" method. I felt exactly the same way except when I did it, I didn't open my eyes and was in a dream few seconds later.

And though I haven't had any successful WILD's yet, I believe that it's exactly the same but doesn't happen in a such fast pace.

Probably nothing but a coincidence but I slept on my stomach at the moment as well.

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PostPosted: Sat 08 Jan, 2011  Reply with quote

welcome Xeph!

I think that you know what the problem was, just like you said, the SP seems more interesting and the moment then becoming lucid, or even going in a dream world!

Once I've done the same thing, choose SP over a dream, it didn't went well as you know now from your own experience... I can just tell you that you're on the good path, and nothing more helps then a everyday practice!

And those sensations you described, yes they are part of WILD technique!

So good luck! Cheers! :D

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