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This Feeling

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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Tue 01 Feb, 2011  Reply with quote

The one I heard about you had to pay for, I'm not sure how much, but I don't think there was too big of age restrictions, there was a 13 year old that went.
Also, I believe you just learn more about LDing, do activities, talk about the last nights dream, and take a nap during the day, and then you sleep at night. I think they also hook you up to a machine while you sleep. I really am not the one to be asking though...

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PostPosted: Wed 23 Feb, 2011  Reply with quote

I sometimes feel like that as well.
I think you feel like that because you had an eventful lucid dream and forgot about it - your memories have faded, but the effects of the experience remain. ^^ rechterduim omhoog met knipoog

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