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How to increase vividness? -Many LDs in the past couple days

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How to increase vividness? -Many LDs in the past couple days
PostPosted: Tue 02 Jul, 2013  Reply with quote

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Well I had my first LD back in January, and than i decided to give it a rest. I'm now on Summer break so I got started again. I didn't really plan on starting but one night I watched a show that had a guy lucid dreaming, and that gave me an LD. Which I'm now completely blanking on... Than I had a dream where it was ABOUT an LD, and we were all in an LD, and I was like "Look I can walk through walls" yet I wasn't really fully aware I was in an LD, I had a little bit of fun but I lost control easily. The third one I had a DILD where I just suddenly realized I was dreaming, and I was going to ask someone if they knew but then I kind of got off track. And I was like "oh look a pegasus, I want it to be black! Wait no chestnut!" So I knew I was in control, but I just barely had it, and suddenly I lost it. All the dreams were not very vivid, you know you have the memory of the dream itself, and then you have the memory of being inside of the dream. I want to increase the vividness of being inside the dream, after I wake up I want it to feel very real. Is there anyway to do that?

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The best thing I can advise is to start rubbing your hands and getting physically active as soon as you realize you are dreaming. This will help stabilize the dream and usually increase awareness, which in turn will help the clarity. You can also do things like yell "increase vividness (or lucidity) NOW!" which helped me a lot in my early days. Above all, it will get easier with time. Congratulations on your progress ^^

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