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Are you a natural? - Part I

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PostPosted: Sun 05 Apr, 2009  Reply with quote

I am pretty sure I would count as a natural. Pretty much every single dream I have had for 15+ years has been lucid. Typically have complete control over what happens in my dreams but I usually like to allow a dream to go where it wants and only change its course if it is going somewhere I don't like (hard to explain but I basically feel that the dream is heading a bad direction ahead of time).

There has only been 1-2 dreams that I didn't have control over during this time and these were most certainly nightmares, I was lucid during them just the event causing me to wake in shock was sudden and unexpected(in the dream).

Like some of the others in this thread I never really gave it much thought as being uncommon or unusual. Having done a bit of reading on it tonight though I would say I agree with some of the various techniques people use to try induce ludic dreams.

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PostPosted: Mon 08 Jun, 2009  Reply with quote

Basilus West wrote:
I'm not a natural. My first LD happened when I was about 18. Then I had 2 more when I was about 24. And I have to work a lot in order to have LD's...

i remember having one when i was 8, but i didnt know what it was, i realized i was in a dream only becouse my dream was SO wierd, it couldnt possibly be real, i watched scary movie 3, and a couple of movies that made no sense at all, hence the dream, but it was all about these 5 people with guns going through this fish plant or something like that, and they were looking for something, when i noticed that one of the guards was beating one of the 5 people with a fish, then things started getting really wierd after that, and i realized that that would NEVER happen so i started from there, going through the dream for an hour or so, but what ive noticed is that most people who ARE natural LD'ers normally have LD's in thier younger years, but as they age, they have less and less until finaly, aaround 20-25 have none at all without trying. eek2

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OneiroTron 24.7
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PostPosted: Tue 09 Jun, 2009  Reply with quote

I've been lucid dreaming since I was four years old.
The first Lucid Dream of my life was when I found myself in a space station that was infested with alien beings that tore people apart. It was when I also learned my first dream power--to cause things to spontaneously explode from the inside out. eek2 In my online Dream Journals I often describe this dream power simply as "End".

Current LD goal(s): Extended LD of 4-Months Dream Time... when I'm crazy enough to try it LOL
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PostPosted: Thu 16 Jul, 2009  Reply with quote

I've been having LD's since I was 4. I got this book about the brain a year later, and it talked about LDs. I read it over and over again, wanting to have LDs every night. I got internet when I was nine, and found out about WILD(The book already talked about MILD, so I had been practicing it). since then, I have practiced meditation, astral projection, and WILD, almost every night. I was one focused little kid! .

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Wild Night
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Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Tue 21 Jul, 2009  Reply with quote

I chose yes as I did have short lucid dreams as a child. But now I am slowly becoming much better at it.

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Ebil To The Core
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PostPosted: Mon 03 Aug, 2009  Reply with quote

Naw, I'm not a natual. My first dream when I really knew I was in my bed dreaming was a couple of months ago, and it only lasted like five seconds meh And I think that doesn't even count as a Lucid dream.
If I ever had one as a kid, I must've been really young or just forgotten it. But I do, however, have (What I think) a good dream recall; now that I write in my DJ I remember three or four dreams each night, which I think is really good smile

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sun 09 Aug, 2009  Reply with quote

I am not a natural, sure wish I was though. With hard work, dream journal, and every non-consumed aid I can think of I can sometimes pull off a LD a month... I dnow why it is so hard, maybe I just want it too badly. ^^

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PostPosted: Thu 13 Aug, 2009  Reply with quote

Only once. I do remember realizing that I was dreaming, but it was an awesome dream and I really didn't care, or even know what was possible.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Did you LD as a child?
PostPosted: Sun 16 Aug, 2009  Reply with quote

well, i really dont remember doing that!! but i just had my first one a few days ago. draait

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New member
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PostPosted: Mon 24 Aug, 2009  Reply with quote

I had a dream about flying once, but cannot pinpoint whether I was actually in a fully lucid state, or it was just blind luck. I wasn't fully aware of the concept till about a few years ago, so I am defiantly not a natural.

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Calm the Mind
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PostPosted: Mon 24 Aug, 2009  Reply with quote

I am a natural too. siiw

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PostPosted: Fri 11 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

I don't sadblauw

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Gothic Fighter
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PostPosted: Sat 19 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

A few days ago I've found out that my best friend is a natural. I've told him that I am trying to control my dream and he said he does this all the time. Ne never read a LD forum and he knew that in his dreams he cannot read and the mirrors are non-reflecting or weird-looking. In my opinion, I think It's better to be a non-natural, because you have to try hard, recall dreams, do RCs to finally have one small LD instead of having them when you want. He told me that he gets bored sometimes and he lets the dream flow while he is lucid.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sat 19 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

No, I learnt it (aprox.) four years ago, but as you can see in my sig, I still got a lot to learn. eh

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PostPosted: Sat 26 Sep, 2009  Reply with quote

Yeah, when I was young. It was like 4th or 5th grade. I realized "Hey, I'm dreaming" and proceeded to do everything I've ever wanted in school (dance on tables, piss off teachers) without getting in trouble.

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