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Recalling memories in dreams

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shhh only dreams now
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Recalling memories in dreams
PostPosted: Fri 16 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

"your brain has the potential to remember everything you have ever experienced, read, heard and seen. the only problem is you can't recall it, but it's all in your head..."

do you think that you can, idk, study for exam, and then recall everything in your dream, and remember IRL ? smile

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PostPosted: Sat 17 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

I think studying in LD's would be a bit difficult, since text for example might change content. But I did have dreams which brought up old memories that I have forgotten until then.

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PostPosted: Sat 17 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

No, I highly doubt it.
Mostly because lucidity tend to fade if you stress your brain a lot and start trying to drag up old memories, Especially if those memories were bad/sad/boring.

I could be wrong though, You can try falling asleep on an exam and see if you remember anything.

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PostPosted: Sun 18 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

IRL maybe you can grab memories you can't recall from your sub-conscious but in LD I don't think it's possible.Because when you become lucid , your sub-conscious try a way to shut you down , with that you only give it the opportunity.

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LD is about being in the moment
PostPosted: Wed 02 Sep, 2015  Reply with quote

LD gives you a suer conscious kind of state where you are completely in the moment. There is no past/future, just the present moment.

The only thing I try to recall in an LD is my goal. And I keep forgetting that as well tounge2

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