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How can I keep random thoughts out of my head?

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How can I keep random thoughts out of my head?
PostPosted: Sat 28 Apr, 2012  Reply with quote

So I can stay awake and it happens when i see HI i just doze off to random thoughts
Plz help

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PostPosted: Sat 28 Apr, 2012  Reply with quote

Have you tried using a mantra? Just repeat syllables in your mind. It helps if you can imagine the feeling of pronouncing them in your throat as well. I learned a mantra for Astral Projection on a gnostic website. "La Ra Ss" loosens up your dream body for projection or OBE. LDs are related to AP/OBE, so it could be effective for that purpose too. I have experienced heavy vibrations and nearly consciously projected using the mantra on several occasions. Maybe it will help you. You could also try visualization or brainwave entrainment. There is some pleasant relaxing music featuring sounds designed to alter your brainwaves into a trance state, or you can simply download a binaural beat that sounds very monotonous and repetitive, but if you focus on it can be very effective for inducing trance. It is important to use headphones or a good stereo sound system. If you do some research you will learn why. I think that listening to binaural beats played a huge role in helping me learn to calm my mind and achieve trance states. Once you know what it feels like, it is much easier to recreate the feeling again. Look for a theta brainwave, something called "HemiSync", or music by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. Hope that helps!

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Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Wed 02 May, 2012  Reply with quote

If you are trying to WILD, you actually do not want to be ignoring those thoughts. You will never have a LD that way unless you accidentally let some of those thoughts in and briefly lose consciousness, which is an extremely unlikely occurrence. The simple fact is that you can not fall asleep without these meaningless subconscious thoughts because basically they are bits of your subconscious offering themselves forwards until they assemble themselves into a dream. It is a common misconception that WILD is your body falling asleep while your mind stays awake, but in fact you cannot have a LD if part of your mind is not asleep as well. Otherwise you would simply be lying in bed in SP with no dreams whatsoever.

Methods like counting and repeating a mantra to try to tune out the thoughts don't work because while they may be keeping you awake, they are also keeping you away from the dream. And more often than not, the lack of care for the thoughts result in them taking over and causing you to fall asleep instead of staying lucid. So instead of tuning out those thoughts, try listening to them and passively observing. Every time a meaningless subconscious thought floats into your head, consciously repeat it in your mind and then think I am lucid (or whatever mantra you decide to use). This will help keep you aware of everything going on in your mind as you fall asleep so that you do not lose consciousness, as well as bringing you closer to a dream. It takes practice, but is very effective.

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