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What kind of dream journal do you use?

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New member
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PostPosted: Fri 03 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

From the moment I'm awake to the moment I fall asleep I'm surrounded by technology. Naturally I built a database purely for documentation of things that go on that I can relate to Lucid Dreaming. I can access these via the web no matter what device I'm using.

I previously used old fashioned pen and paper, but found that I didn't have a dedicated place to store this so it was kind of redundant.

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PostPosted: Fri 03 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

I type all my DJ entries on my phone, transfer them via bluetooth to my tablet, from which I Wifi transfer to my PC, from which I upload the DJ entry to the interwebz.

That way I can triple back them up on my devices and it is easier to make edits, additions and so on.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sun 05 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

I just use a small black notebook and fountain pen. I like physically writing my dreams down more than typing because it leaves more of an imprint in my mind.

The theory is it takes longer than typing/saying your dream so you spend more time thinking about details, at least for me.

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Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Sun 05 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

I use a notebook which I have written on the front in chinese writing 'Dream' I have written this in pencil with a pen outline I think it looks good smile

I may decide to switch to better book but for now this will do because I spent quite a lot of time on the art work on the front cover of this book.

I would like to have an Assassins Creed Book which is empty for me to write in as the general theme for Assassins Creed is olden times and the book would look cool :D

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