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Tested the WILD technique.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Tested the WILD technique.
PostPosted: Tue 03 Jul, 2012  Reply with quote

So this is what I did. I knew that I wasn't going to get lucid because it was night. But I wanted to try anyway, so I lied down on the couch an started getting relaxed and all that. There was a lot of noises around me, from the TV and so. I was all relaxed and it started seeing colours. I felt my head moving slowly to the side (I was lying on my back). I read somewhere to not swallow, so I started to drool (my brother told me later, because I didn't feel anything.) My brother also threw a pillow at me, to wake me up, but I didn't feel anything. I woke up like 30 seconds after he threw it at me (according to my brother) because I got bored.. Why didn't I feel it when he threw the pillow at me?

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Maybe you were asleep. We tend to have our senses reduced when we are asleep, especially in NREM sleep. Otherwise, we would wake up every night just because of the slightest noise. In my opinion, you're doing everything right if you were able to consciously fall asleep. Now try it doing after 4.5 - 6 hours after falling asleep. You should get inside a dream. NREM isn't fun, but REM is. :D

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