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I tried Wbtb with mild last night and no success, it was ny first real try. A Few questions: (I have time during the mornings to sleep in so wbtb is a possibility) How long is it before I get my first LD if i mild/wbtb everyday. I hav a good DR, i remembered 3 dreams last night an 2 every other night. Also can a person that is successful and efficient in Wbtb with Mild give me their exact step by step guide to those methods. Like what you do before bed too. i know its different for everyone but i want to look at a successful guide and build mine off theirs.


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I can't really answer the question on how long it should take to get a LD for you. It doesn't only depend on the technique. Your motivation, effort and natural talent also influence the results. Anyways, everyone has a LD eventually, be it after a day, a week or months. Regarding the WBTB and MILD techniques, you can find lots of tutorials in this forum. Also there are tutorials on other techniques which you might want to try out. Maybe it will work better. As you self said, it is different for everyone. If someone you know had success with WBTB/MILD, it doesn't mean that it is the best technique for you.

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