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In-dream Sleep Paralysis

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In-dream Sleep Paralysis
PostPosted: Wed 15 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

I experienced sleep paralysis in the middle of a lucid dream last night and did not know how to correct it. I was wondering whether anyone could offer advice.

I was lucid, dreaming that I was outside on a sunny day. The dream was vivid and stable. I'd rubbed my hands together and visually studied my hands. Everything looked great and the good times were rolling.

I then looked up at the sky for a while, feeling the sun on my face and enjoying the dream scenery. When I tried to move, though, I suddenly realized that I was flat on my back, completely paralyzed. It was as if the idea of my physical, paralyzed body was intruding on the dream scene.

I struggled to move for a bit, not succeeding. Finally, I attempted an in-dream out of body exit. (This would be a second dream body exiting my first dream body -- a delightfully weird idea.) I managed to peel a second set of arms out of my paralyzed arms. As my new head and torso started to exit, though, the dream scene collapsed and I wound up awake in bed.

It was actually quite cool but I'd still like to be better equipped for this next time. Does anybody have suggestions on things to try in a situation like this, including things apart from an OBE exit? Anybody else ever had in-dream sleep paralysis or OBE exits from a dream body?

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