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I have some questions regarding WILD. So im thinking of doing WILD (last time was bad and i wasnt even at SP) and i wanna ask if opening eyes is a good idea when i get to the SP stage and if i dont open my eyes will i hallucinate ( last time i saw monster face and i had my eyes closed). Isnt it also better to do it in the morning or after a nap ( when youre well rested)?

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In sleep paralysis, the best way to avoid those "hags" is to not be afraid of them. Also, that monster face you saw is just really vivid HI. Just ignore it. It can be startling sometimes and nearly throw your WILD off.

Do not open your eyes, it's a bad idea. If your eyes open, then you won't be able to perform an OBE exit.

Doing WILD is best before sleep which is going to start with REM. This is usually in the morning, or at a nap. For me, the best time is a morning nap after 10:00 AM, though not everyone is as unemployed as me.

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