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Sleep problems

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Mental Enigma
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Sleep problems
PostPosted: Fri 15 Feb, 2013  Reply with quote

Hey everyone! I have been having some really really bad sleep problems to were I cant go to sleep at night and I would really like some help. Let me explain was going on. Maybe a month ago I tried SSILD and I remember just watching myself go to sleep and all. Then I felt someone touching my leg so I had opened my eyes and no one was there, but I was seeing a halucination a little sphere in the air just spinning, It was scary for some reason. For some reason I think I was drifting off to sleep and then got stuck in a certain phase of sleep. Because whenever I would close my eyes within 10 seconds I would start hearing things and all of a sudden they would get really loud and I would get startled. Also I would see halucinations if I tried going back to sleep too, it also feels like my body relaxes super fast like im super tensed up and then all of a sudden Im my body is relaxed. I ended up staying up for 2 days straight because of me not able to fall asleep. When I finally did get to go to sleep I noticed I would start seeing things extreamly quick, and then I was watching myself go into REM. I just was watching all the imagery and my eyes felt like they was going a million miles per hour. After that I felt really energised and was able to go to sleep normally. And now for three days straight the same thing has been happening to me unable to go to sleep. I am terrified to even close my eyes because what If I see something so scary. Is there a way to treat this. Someone please help

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Fri 15 Feb, 2013  Reply with quote

If you can't stop it you just have to accept what you see without trying to change it. Just watch it and when it becomes scary just ask yourself is it really scary or try to convince yourself that it's just a hallucination and nothing more.

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Night King
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PostPosted: Sun 17 Feb, 2013  Reply with quote

You can either try to ignore it, and fall asleep (Hopefully into a lucid dream). The loud sounds aren't loud. Once you realize that you won't be disturbed by them anymore.

Or you could go to sleep when you're sure you won't have REM sleep. This stuff is the onset of REM.

Sounds like you're going into SP to me.

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PostPosted: Tue 19 Feb, 2013  Reply with quote

Might be difficult but try to just forget it. When you go to bed don't think, oh I'm going to have scary hallucinations now.. When you get to bed just shut your eyes and don't think.. Let yourself sleep, the more thinking you do the more scary stuff you'll induce. Get yourself active throughout the day so once you head to bed you'd be knocked out cold/asleep. But honestly you have nothing to fear, they're only a product of your own mind, they can't harm you in any way. If it keeps bothering you, fight it, hug it etc. Remember who is boss. Try to think of good thoughts when those situations arises. Think of your favorite memories, favorite superhero etc.

Good luck!

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PostPosted: Thu 28 Feb, 2013  Reply with quote

I agree with StarryGwee. It sounds to me like you have gotten worked up over the issue and are expecting bad things to happen. Unfortunately when you expect it, more often than not your mind will oblige, even if you don't want it to. The best way would be to try and replace the thoughts with positive things. Spend some time each day reassuring yourself about how natural sleeping is, and how much it helps your body. Fill your mind with thoughts like this during the day and it will be much easier to stay calm at night using the idea's Gwee suggested. It won't work to tell yourself "don't think of *something*" that very thought centres your thoughts on the thing you want to avoid, not a good way to get it out of mind.

Not sure what Kache_ means exactly by advising you to sleep when you are sure you won't have REM. We experience REM every night. All I can think is he means to avoid getting very tired before sleeping as this can increase the chances of experiencing SP.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Mon 01 Apr, 2013  Reply with quote

It just because every night your mind going in the same state.. every night your thinking about the same and because of it you feel scary... try to divert your mind on something else.. try to think something else.. like what you have done in your whole day.. whom you mate.. what you talk and all...

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