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Asking dream characters to beocme Lucid..

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Asking dream characters to beocme Lucid..
PostPosted: Sun 17 Feb, 2013  Reply with quote

Hello all,

I'm relatively new here, however I'm active on a number of other forums.
Just wanted to share a few things about what happens when you ask dream characters within a lucid dream to become lucid as well.

We know that dream characters are projections either of a memory of a person we knew or have seen or parts of our sub conscious mind, but things get really interesting when you become lucid in a dream and then convince another dream character that it's a dream and see what they do.

they become very aware and the things that start happening is amazing.

Don't want to share too much cause I want you all to try it! tounge2

If you get a second, this is where I get most of my ideas from..


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PostPosted: Tue 19 Feb, 2013  Reply with quote

*Thinks back to the times she has tried to get DCs lucid.

The very first time was in a long lucid. My friend that introduced me lucid dreaming was there. IRL we had an agreement to find each other and make each other lucid. So I remember being at a parking lot seeing him get out of a car. I went up to him and just shouted bouncing about, "you're dreaming!" x5. He was not convinced and he seem to be like a hollow.. Not very responsive and just not there. I tried to show him some tricks, but nothing. meh

Second time I was lucid I tried to tell a friend DC that I was dreaming and it was all a dream, I got a beyond random response. "no you're on a boat". Something along those lines lol. So I really just don't bother, most of the time my DCs disappear when I'm lucid anyways. Not sure why tounge2

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