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Dreaming of having a LD ?

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Dreaming of having a LD ?
PostPosted: Sun 24 Feb, 2013  Reply with quote

How does it feel after waking up from a first LD? Do you remember controlling everything ? Because for me, (I'm not sure if it really was a LD) I woke up and I remember it, but im not too sure if I was actually controlling it. Its confusing I know, I'm just stuck and I don't know what to do. Anyone sure of how to answer this ? sadblauw [/left]

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Its possible to dream of having lucid powers and such. They're called FLDs, you appear lucid but you really aren't, you're not conscious of the dream. These are common with beginners, and can be very irritating. But it could indicate that you're close to having a lucid dream. tounge2 When you have your first lucid, you will surely know. This is because you will be conscious, and because you're conscious you should be able to recall most events. Maybe if you provide us with how you got lucid and what happened, we could help determine whether or not you really were lucid.

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