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Derealization by False Awakenings

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Shadow of a Day
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Derealization by False Awakenings
PostPosted: Mon 14 Jan, 2013  Reply with quote

Over the months I've had a strange fenomena occure having to do with False Awakenings. I've experienced this something like 5 times now, I'll try to describe what happens:
-I'll think I've woken up. but in reality it would be a FA. This first one is usually the longest one.
-This FA collapses into another FA and that one into another one etcetera.
-After a few FA's I'll start to question my reality and become lucid in the FA's.
-I'll get this trange feeling, it's not a real headache, but it feels really uncomfortable!
-Soon after I'll get to a point where my reality checks don't work anymore, and I can almost impossibly determine wheter i'm awake or not.
-I'll finally wake up for real. It takes me almost a minute to determine wheter it is really reality and still I'd feel unsure about it..

These chains of Fa's have gone up to approximatly 15! and the strange feeling usually lasts for another 5 minutes after I wake up.

Does anyone else ever experience something like this? Does anybody know what might cause this?

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PostPosted: Tue 22 Jan, 2013  Reply with quote

Ohh that's interesting. I've never had more then maybe 3 FAs at once, so I don't have any real experience here. Maybe make RCs a habit as soon as you wake up?

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PostPosted: Tue 09 Apr, 2013  Reply with quote

I doubt a False Awakening would remain consistent with real life for longer than a couple minutes at most.

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