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Did i just have an OBE?

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Novice dreamer
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Did i just have an OBE?
PostPosted: Thu 28 Mar, 2013  Reply with quote

Today, i woke up but i decided to stay in bed a little while longer.
I wanted to attempt a WILD, so i just visualised my dream.

After a minute or so, i started getting the experience that i heard a sound inside of my head, A "wooshing" sound.. it started getting louder and louder, and i said to myself this is the part where im now at the border between Concious and Unconcious.

So again i let it happen, and all of a sudden my body felt like a set of waves.
Being pulled out the of my body from the back of my head, and being pushed back in.

All of a sudden i saw an "Icon like image, in the pitch black (Which you see when you close your eyes)" which said something like.. "No. That won't work now.."

Because the experience was to uncomfortable i decided to stop it and open my eyes.

As slowly as i opened my eyes the heater i was seeing was like water it self, so unstable, i thought this was just because i had to recover from the bad experience...

Then i started to dream all of a sudden (Non-lucid.. stupid but ok..)
After waking up again, i now knew that when i was having this "Experience of being a wave" i was already in unconcious / dream state.

What do you think?

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PostPosted: Fri 29 Mar, 2013  Reply with quote

OBE or WILD, or whatever. Some people consider them to be the same. But, yeah, the wooshing sound and the body feeling are really characteristic of that transition smile

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