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Difference between MILD and DILD ?

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Difference between MILD and DILD ?
PostPosted: Mon 03 Jun, 2013  Reply with quote

Ok so i got an question. What is the difference between MILD and DILD ? When you are doing MILD you are going with the preset intention of becoming lucid right ? And with DILD you are suddenly realising you are dreaming right ? So if you became suddenly lucid because you had the intent to do so, isn't the same thing ? I think i readed somewhere that MILD is a DILD sub-technique but i don't think so because LeBarge developed MILD technique and presented it in his book, and i'm not 100% positive but i don't think he ever mentioned MILD as a sub-technique of DILD , so can someone explain me the difference between MILD and DILD and if MILD is trully a sub-technique of DILD?

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A DILD is a lucid dream that starts while you are dreaming, as opposed to a WILD, which you fall asleep directly into. MILD is a memory based technique that induces DILDs. You repeat it to yourself so often that you will sooner or later remember it in a dream. The line I use is "I'll be dreaming soon, and I'll remember that it is a dream". It feels very satisfying when it works. There are other ways to induce DILDs, but MILD is generally recommended as an easy to use technique.

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