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Is sleep paralysis ever accompanied w/ good hallucinations?

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Is sleep paralysis ever accompanied w/ good hallucinations?
PostPosted: Sun 16 Jun, 2013  Reply with quote

Makes we wonder... People usually see sleep paralysis as a scary time when you can't move but has anyone ever had a 'happy' sleep paralysis time? Maybe when u first realize u can't move, your mind jumps to conclusions and thinks of the worst things possible.. Hmm

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PostPosted: Sun 16 Jun, 2013  Reply with quote

The two most common hallucinations in my SP are: somebody entering my aparrment or bedroom, or a cat curling up on my bed. I like the one with the cat. When I was young, SP scared me, mostly because my mother thought it was a sign of disease. Now, it is usually welcome. It just means that i am waking up or falling asleep.

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PostPosted: Tue 18 Jun, 2013  Reply with quote

Last time I had sp, while waiting for the dream to form I started Seeing electric colored light and heard whispers of 20 of the most beautiful voices in my ears. It was awesome, sp is very fun.

Most people have a scary time because they usually have never heard of it so when they wake up in sp randomly, they think something is very wrong with their body. People who know about it already usually have no issues with it..

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PostPosted: Tue 18 Jun, 2013  Reply with quote

Like the others have said, it's usually only scary because people are scared and expecting the worst. HH is the formation of dreams and a product of the mine. You can control what you see; for instance, an older member would always get the feeling something was sitting on him. When he was younger, he usually saw a vicious dog or a witch. Now that he's older and knows what SP is, he expects there to be an attractive woman on him, and that's what he sees.

As for me, I don't even bother opening my eyes anymore. SP is fun, but I use it to jump into a dream. I start visualizing and eventually the dream forms. In any case, the hallucinations are what you make of them, have fun ^^

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