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flowofmysoul - Lucid Dreaming Tutorial/Method

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flowofmysoul - Lucid Dreaming Tutorial/Method
PostPosted: Sun 11 Aug, 2013  Reply with quote

Hello Dream Viewers, here is my guide on Lucid Dreaming.

My goal is to keep your Lucid Dreaming as natural as possible, at the end of this course you should be able to be lucid in your every single dream. You will need 2 techniques to start lucid dreaming, they are very basic and do not require any excess effort. Both of these techniques are well known. As soon as you will get into Lucid Dreaming, you will be able to leave both of these techniques and hopefully enjoy Lucid Dreaming every night.

Reality Checks and Reminders.
Most of you already know what it is. You need to teach your subconscious mind to ask your self questions like "Am I dreaming?", "Is this real?", "Am i awake?". While you are awake every strange or weird situation should trigger these questions in your mind. This will help you wake up inside your dream and be lucid.
To increase your chances of asking this question in your dream make a reminder or two. Simply find something that you usually face in you dream, or something you are addicted to. It could be cigarette/smoking if you are a smoker, it might be clock/time if you often see or think of clock/time in your dreams. There is a very large choice of reminders, just find what is most suitable for you. Every time you face such reminder in your awake life - do a Reality Check, ask your self if you are dreaming and if it is all real. You do not need to actually say it, just think of these questions and try to understand whether you are dreaming at that moment or not. You will develop a habit of doing RC's every time you meet your reminder. One night you will find this reminder in your dream and you will most probably do a RC and you will wake up inside your dream.

Using Music or Audio Book.
I strongly advise to use Audio Book instead of Music, but if you do not like Audio Books you might go with Music, i am sure it will do fine too.
Find Audio Book with a pleasant voice and nice soft music in the background, any genre will do fine. Use speakers if you live alone, use vacuum headphones if you want to keep it private. Listen to this audio book when you are going to sleep, listen to it even when you are going for a quick nap. Advising to listen to your audio book in quick naps because i am often having LD's when i am sleeping for a short time, like 10 minutes or more. Adjust volume so it will let you fall asleep, but do not make it too low, audio book voice should be loud enough to wake you up, it also should be loud enough for you to clearly hear it while you are falling asleep.
The goal of this procedure is to train your mind to understand when you are actually falling asleep and do not loose your lucidity during that. In the beginning this voice might wake you up as soon as you fall asleep, but later one you will start feeling this process of falling to sleep very clearly, it will become longer for you. Instead of simply jumping from awake to sleep you will feel your journey there, it is going to be like a trip.
When you will fall asleep you will still hear and remember some part of voice from audio book, you need to recall what you remember and what you don't. You need to understand when you loose your conscious. You will wake up very often and every time try to remember what you have in your memory and what you don't. Every time you wake up - rewind your audio book until the moment that you last heard/remembered.
This is a very crucial moment in lucid dreaming, you have to master this state between sleep and awake.
This waking up might annoy you in the beginning, but later on you will get used to it and you will start enjoying it.
Very often you will feel like you are falling into your bed, like a vortex sucking you into your own bed. This is very normal, you will get used to it too, your body will react automatically and you will try to get out of this vortex.
Some of you might say, nothing can wake me up and so on... I can listen to SOAD while i sleep and i do fine, and that did not stop me from using this technique. Just focus on voice from your audio book, try to listen to it even when you fall asleep.

Combining these two techniques will raise your awareness, your subconscious will often question it self whether you are dreaming or not, this will become a habit. Plus you will master the ability to feel your way into the dream.
You do not need to follow these two techniques as soon as your level of awareness is high enough, plus you will not need to use any technique to get lucid in your dream if you clearly feel the process of actual falling asleep.
You will also be able to do DEILD's very easily because of your ability to feel the process of entering the dream.

I advise not to think of what you want to do in your lucid dream, you have to go to sleep with a clear mind, empty your thoughts and go to sleep. Keep Lucid Dreaming as natural as possible.

Your first attempts to Lucid Dream will be the hardest ones, you will become lucid due to reality checks or you will enter your dream and you will be lucid the whole way from awake state to your asleep state.

Very Important for those who already Lucid Dream! The less techniques you will use, the less you will think about Lucid Dreaming, the less effort you will put into Lucid Dreaming - The more vivid and better your Lucid Dreams will be.

How to control your dream: This is very important, if you understand this well you will have no problems to control your dreams and you will have no limitations in your actions. Your “will” controls your dream, not your wish, not your desire. There is a big difference between these three, if you are thinking ”i want to go there and do that” it will never happen, you will keep thinking of it without any success, or you might do something opposite to what you wanted to do. If you want to do something you just do it, you have to be sure in your action, and don’t let your self think that you cannot do something. It is not like a computer game where you have delay in everything, here if you are willing to be somewhere you are already there, if you are willing to do something you will be already doing it. Your "will" power is your most powerful weapon in lucid dream. Sometimes you might loose control of your dream and be in situation where for example you are running from somebody or etc, try to calm down and use your “will” instead of fear and desire to run away, if you will do it right, situation will change the way you changed it.

Regarding dreams recall: I never had any problems recalling my Lucid Dreams, some of them happened 3 years ago and i remember them until today as if they just happened.
My advise here would be to keep your awareness when you wake up, when you wake up be both, awake and back there inside your dream. In hard cases where you will feel that you cannot remember anything at all, simply do DEILD, go back to your dream just for a second and then wake up, you will remember all of your dream. Think of your dream memory as a tangle thread, you grab a thread and you will then remember all of it.
A lot of people are writing down their dreams, you can do it if you feel you want or need to do it. Personally i never wrote any of my dreams, until i created my blog. And even there in my blog i wrote only very old dreams. I can always recreate picture of my lucid dream by just thinking of it, i can remember all small details.

Tip for Beginners: Try not to get scared when you realize that you are awake inside your dream, this will wake you up immediately. Expect anything to happen, try to stay calm. In cases where you want to wake up because you are not sure whether you are awake or not, or when you are very scared of something – fear is your best friend to wake up. The longest period when i could not wake up was around 1 hour, i already thought i will never wake up and i will stay there in my dream forever.

THE MOST IMPORTANT - Keep your Lucid Dream process as natural as possible, it will then evolve by it self and as time will pass you will master your ability to Lucid Dream! Let it be part of you.
If you stick hard to any technique or guide you will most probably not evolve you Lucid Dreaming at all, or it will improve very slowly.

I must say that in my case it was extremely hard to quit LDing, and i never did. I found a side solution but i was not able to stop Lucid Dreaming. First 4 month i was waking up every single night, i did not count how many exactly but i had a feeling that i woke up hundred times per night. Every time i entered a dream I knew i am Lucid, i wanted to wake up to stop my LD, i woke up and then went back to sleep and appeared in another LD, nothing helped me, i washed my face, i took a shower, then i came back to sleep and again i appeared in LD. This process continued every night for next 4 month, i found a side solution, i became an observer. I knew i was lucid, i knew i could intrude into my dream any moment i want. I was sitting somewhere on the edge of mountain, observing beautiful nature, listening to nature voices. Or i simply acted as a flowing camera, as a 3rd person view observer.
You might ask why did i want to quit Lucid Dreaming? I had some kind of a Final Dream for my self, it made me want to stop my LDing. I never regretted of Lucidng Dreaming, it changed my life in very positive direction.

However i am now getting back to Lucid Dreaming it takes some time because i need to get rid of my habit of being an observer.

Good Luck! And let me know if my guide helped you

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PostPosted: Mon 19 Aug, 2013  Reply with quote

Nice guide overall.
Using sounds to get used to the transition is a nice idea i guess but you can only do it during naps or if you wake up during the middle of the night.
I agree about will power, it is a great way to get what you want in a LD but there are other ways like asking the dream for what you want etc...

I am not sure about what you say, that the less you think about lucid dreaming better it gets. For me, I know that if I stop thinking about it I stop remembering my ND and doing LD's. For me it's the more I think about it, the more I am in control of vivid dreams. But hey, differs for everyone wink5

You are very lucky to be able to LD at will, especially with natural WILD. It is the "holy grail of LD" ^^

Anyway nice job, I will try this audiobook method. I often loose consciousness while falling asleep especially in the middle of the night.

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