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I wake up really often when I go to bed early...?

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I wake up really often when I go to bed early...?
PostPosted: Mon 11 Nov, 2013  Reply with quote

I have noticed that when I go to sleep sometime around 9 or 9:30 PM, I will wake up many times throughout the night - and during these awakenings and throughout the whole night my dream recall is incredible, and I usually record 4-5 detailed dreams throughout the night.

Do you think it is easier to remember several dreams like this when you go to bed early in the evening?
I have noticed that this seems to depend to some extent on the time I go to bed, since this sort of thing rarely happens if I go to sleep after midnight, regardless of whether I feel exhausted or not at that point.

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PostPosted: Mon 11 Nov, 2013  Reply with quote

My sleeping schedule is rather odd haha. I have trouble sleeping and I've found that I normally wake up two to three times a night often. Dreams do seem more vivid when you wake up repeatedly. Are you keeping a dream journal? I'm trying to get myself into the habit.

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PostPosted: Mon 11 Nov, 2013  Reply with quote

Yes, keeping a consistent sleep schedule will yield you more recall. I find that when sleeping I wake at the end of every rem cycle, therefore after a dream. I find sometimes the cycle is every 3 hours or if I sleep long the first time I wake will be 6 hours, then every 3 hours after.

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PostPosted: Thu 06 Mar, 2014  Reply with quote

I find the same thing happens to me when i go to bed earlier than normal. This is interesting that you recall more i should start trying this

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