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MILD mastery tutorial

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Novice dreamer
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MILD mastery tutorial
PostPosted: Sat 18 Jan, 2014  Reply with quote

Daytime: every hour on the hour, try to remember surprising, interesting, strange or odd events or things. Visualize yourself doing a RC in these previous moments you missed. Decide to remember to RC next time you encounter events like these.

Night time: Fall asleep thinking that next time you are dreaming you will remember to realize you are dreaming. After you wake up during the night, lie still and wait at least 2 minutes for dream memories to come. Recall your dream as completely as you can. Don´t write it down ( unless it is a lucid or you really want to remember it ). Try to use that half dreamy state, when you recall your dream perfectly, to visualize yourself becoming lucid after you find surprising or odd things in the previous dream. Fall asleep with visualization and intention to remember to recognize next time you are dreaming.

Current LD goal(s): improving dream recall
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