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Lucid Dreams without waking memory???

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Novice dreamer
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Lucid Dreams without waking memory???
PostPosted: Sat 19 Jan, 2019  Reply with quote

There is a little problem, I'm having. In recent months learned about SSILD and have lot of lucid dreams:D I'm using mantra before fall asleep and combination of WBTB with SSILD or VILD,WILD in rare occasions(there are a little harder). For day work, I'm using "Here and Now Awareness" instead of RC to become one with the moment, I'm taking 3mg melatonin BTW.

So the problem is when have a LD, I can't access waking memory, neither my goal. They are not fake LD, I have fine control in them: can manipulate dream scenario, summon DC's, can fly and I know I'm dreaming. When try to remember my goal or waking memories, I'm getting a blank spot, so I'm just acting on my instincts(like I'm having an amnesia). Even from time to time I'm hearing a voice in my mind "Remember your goal", but I still can't remember. Hell recently even had a dream battle with DC's and while fight them, they try to make me remember "control yourself, remember who you are".

So what I'm doing wrong here? help! Is this a side effect from SSILD?

BTW SSILD work wonders, having multiple LDs through the morning. :D

p.s. I have one more question, but in a new thread.

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PostPosted: Sat 26 Jan, 2019  Reply with quote

good question! its common to have trouble accessing the kind of memory that remembers events from waking life when dreaming, or even having false memories of things that never happened, while still having working memory for functional things like how to talk or do stuff. theres scientific names for the two kinds of memories but i forget them.

it can take more work to access the kind of memory from events in waking life, even if youre lucid. as with everything lucid, if you set a specific intention it can get you started. if you really want to remember your waking memories add that intention to your induction technique. you can start with simple things like remembering your name, age, and where you live.

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PostPosted: Wed 30 Jan, 2019  Reply with quote

Getting over rest issues is a ton of experimentation. For me, Weed used to enable me to rest, however suppresses dreams. I as of late quit, and have WICKED dreams since they're flooding back. Yet, it took me years to at last have the capacity to rest semi-regularly.

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