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Past life recall

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Novice dreamer
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Past life recall
PostPosted: Sun 08 Oct, 2017  Reply with quote

When I was a kid (5-7 years old) I had regular dreams of past lives... usually of dying in past lives in various ways. These memories faded and experiences stopped as I got older, which (I find out over 30 years later) is typical.

My goal recently has been to view (NOT experience, at least not at first) past life information. I became lucid last night through a WILD. Once I established sensory contact in the dream through touching a few things, I ignored the scenery and asked the dream itself "Is it a good idea to ask for past life information in my dreams?" I began to float upwards, which in the dream seemed like a positive answer because (dream logic) those who climb higher can see farther. So I asked to see my most recent past life, and began to float forward before being thrown out of the dream and having anxiety in my bed like I was dying. I suspect I was about to see myself die, so maybe a rephrased or more specific question is in order?

Has anyone had any luck doing this? I would love to hear from some more experienced folks with advice smile



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