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Missing dreamsigns

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Novice dreamer
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Missing dreamsigns
PostPosted: Thu 01 Feb, 2018  Reply with quote

I constantly dream of being back at school, but I only realise when I wake up that it was a dead giveaway. How do I not miss this?

Also will exercise and eating clean help?

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PostPosted: Thu 01 Feb, 2018  Reply with quote

i have the same problem with school dreams, so if anyone has any advice ill take it too! its much easier for me to become lucid "as myself" than as some past self in a past location.

i know if im not on top of my diet/exercise i have trouble maintaining the balance of being able to fall asleep fairly quickly without being too tired to do induction techniques, or else not being able to get back to sleep after WBTB. so if thats something you struggle with then exercise and eating clean might help you get more lucid dreams in general! dunno about the school ones though

and of course there are other benefits to being healthy smile

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