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My lucid dreams don't look good and are boring

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My lucid dreams don't look good and are boring
PostPosted: Sat 13 Oct, 2018  Reply with quote


I'll get straight into it. When I had my first lucid dreams years ago they where so vivid and breathtaking and amazing. Now years later after a few years of not practising my lucid dreams are just boring...when I see a beautiful scenery it just looks like a picture, actually just a bad picture at that. Then for example just this morning I'm on the edge of a huge cliff. I jump off it but instead of falling a soaring, I just fall onto a picture after maybe a meter or so. Also things like when I try to summon a beautiful women they always end up really ugly. So generally when I have lucid dreams they are just fake to me and boring. That's the reason I quit years ago, but I decided I would start again, but the same problems are hitting me again.

So I can see lucid dreams almost every morning. I use a "wake up back to bed" technique. Then I do a wild usually and go directly into a dream. Usually it will start with a very short dream, then blackout, then another and another always a little longer. My memory recall is a little bad though, but I'm working on that since last week when I started up this hobby again.


Edit: I posted this in the wrong swction first, sorry. It can be deleted. I was meant to post here

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expectations can play a role, so make sure youre expecting interesting awesome dreams and not resigning yourself to expect everything is boring!

in your dream you can try shouting "more clarity now!" or "more realism now!" or using other visualization techniques to change the scenery. there are threads in the forum on dream control that might be helpful.

i also find that reading helps get my visual juices flowing, especially fantasy set in a fantastical world.

you might also try using a visualization-based method to visualize the kind of scenes you want to see while youre going back to sleep.

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