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Fear and troubles with WILD/OBEs

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Fear and troubles with WILD/OBEs
PostPosted: Mon 13 Jan, 2020  Reply with quote

Hello all, I'm brand new (only been reading a book for about the last week), and have run into some problems with WILD/OBEs.

It must have been some beginner's luck, for the 1st two days in a row of reading the book I managed to do my own version of WILD (before even knowing it existed), although were more like OBEs as although I transferred to the dream world aware, I did not get far enough to create a scene and enter it...I was still in the dark of my room only a few feet from my body (but in my dream body - one as a rippling cape, and the next night just as a regular body).

With this partial success of my first WILDs, I was quite confident I could do this every night...for I did it twice in 2 days, and then learned that it was a type of LD the day after and I was on the right track! Unfortunately once actually learning about it I have not been able to do it again. To make matters worse, I was almost there the other night but instead of remaining lucid, I ended up falling asleep just as I was about to transition to the dream world, and dreamed I was on the basement floor paralyzed...and had a sense of fear because of it. I haven't had a nightmare in a long time, and know that paralysis is just part of my every night routine, but for some reason now my darn heart beat amps up as I try transitioning over to the dream world and then I call it off...not wanting to have a heart attack...lol. Last night I made even less progress as although I didn't have the same fear as the previous night, I didn't even get to the feeling of transitioning...despite have SP for like 2.5 hrs. Needless to say I'm a little frustrated with WILDs/OBEs as they now leave me tired, sometimes with a high heart rate, and I'm close to calling them off to try a normal DILD (which I haven't done before).

It'd be nice if I could:
- WILD again, and without getting an amped up heart rate just before.
- WILD for longer so I can actually create and enter a scene
- DILD (so far my brain doesn't feel that my truck turning into a bicycle, or me joining the circus is far-fetched).

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated - and keep in mind nothing you say would be too simple for me...I'm brand new and barely know anything!

Current LD goal(s): Extend my WILDs, and hopefully get my 1st DILD one day soon
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