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Topic: Bed Shaking

Replies: 6
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Forum: the Stuff Dreams are made of...
Subject: Bed Shaking
Posted: Thu 26 Jul, 2012
earthquakes and large trucks or trams passing is a good guess but you all forgot the fact that it suddenly stopped at the exact time he turned his phone on. twice.

although it maybe nothing.
Topic: The most obvious RC!!!

Replies: 16
Views: 4862

Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: The most obvious RC!!!
Posted: Wed 11 Jul, 2012
I rarely feel pain in my dreams. Once I dreamt that I was strolling home from somewhere near big blocks of 4 storey buildings and all of a sudden, soldiers popped up from every window armed with machi ...
Topic: Great idea for making LD long !

Replies: 15
Views: 6310

Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: Great idea for making LD long !
Posted: Sun 01 Jul, 2012
I had dreams that not just felt long, but I had tons of actual memories lasting x more times than the time passed in reality.
Mostly in the morning when I woke up and sleep back.
But you can easily ...
Topic: What can't you do in Lucid Dreams.

Replies: 22
Views: 15535

Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: What can't you do in Lucid Dreams.
Posted: Fri 08 Jun, 2012
i don't allways fly in dreams, but when i do

i either slowly glide down stairs or climb up on walls a bit then glide from there.
also making long jumps and grabbing walls and light poles are a goo ...
Topic: swirling stars

Replies: 5
Views: 2418

Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: swirling stars
Posted: Wed 28 Mar, 2012
Back when I was a kid I almost always instantly got the image like I was traveling through space when I closed my eyes. I would not be surprised if there was a name for this phenomenon and it was wide ...
Topic: Different styles of flying

Replies: 405
Views: 227404

Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: Different styles of flying
Posted: Fri 23 Mar, 2012
When I fly, I'm not like superman. Most times I basically just float like astronauts. I push myself away from walls and stuff to move and glide down on stairs. With this I'm also capable of really big ...
Topic: Have any of you died in your lucid dreams?

Replies: 48
Views: 24862

Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: Have any of you died in your lucid dreams?
Posted: Fri 23 Mar, 2012
Sound silly, but I never die in dreams. Ever. Like I'm not able to. I got shot, stabbed numerous times. If I jump down from a ledge, I actually hit the ground. Not long ago I had a dream when I was wa ...
Topic: Killing people

Replies: 5
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Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: Killing people
Posted: Fri 23 Mar, 2012
Well, in your case you were acting in self defense. Is it morally right to kill in that case irl? It's going to come down to personal opinion. I fight other dreamers somewhat often (such as Ysim and W ...
Topic: awareness leading to awakening

Replies: 0
Views: 638

Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: awareness leading to awakening
Posted: Thu 22 Mar, 2012
Good evening people.

I'm glad (and not surprised) to find this website since I have some stuff I want to discuss but everytime I ask any friend of mine about this topic (I can count the amounts wit ...
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