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Welcome to the LD4all Knowledge Base

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Welcome to the LD4all Knowledge Base
PostPosted: Sun 22 Oct, 2006  Reply with quote

Welcome to the LD4all Knowledge Base. Here you can find completed Tutorials, FAQs, and topic summaries from the LD4all forum.

This aims to pull the relevant information out of topics. You cannot post in this forum, only read.

Who are the Scribes?
The scribes were formely known as librarians. Scribes are people who are helping on the projects. If you wish to help you can sign up here. For a list of the librarians have a look here

If I became a scribe what would I be doing?
Here's the following tasks you could do:
• Work on a project that needs doing, or that has stalled
• Work on your own project that contributes in some way to the Knowledge Base
• Help the other librarians with their projects (Suggesting ideas and checking projects)

When I become a scribe, what do I do?
After you have access to the “Scribes hangout”, you will be able to post a new project there. You can have a project closed (meaning nobody should give feedback) or open. You will be able to release your document into the knowledge base yourself as soon as other scribes give their approval. You can also help other people, giving feedback on their open projects. Be sure to read the "Scribe guidelines" before you start.

What project should I do?
Any thing you like. You can find all of this information towards the bottom of this post. Each different aspect of Lucid Dreaming deserves its own topic. So focus on something specific, rather than trying to create an overview of lucid dreaming.

If you wish to help please sign up here

Comments and questions can be posted here: Feedback on the knowledge base

How much do I have to do?
As little or as much as you want. If you sign up to be scribe, hopefully you will do something. If you plan to be inactive forever more as a scribe, then please notify us.

Do I have to be a scribe forever?
No. You can do as much or as little as you want.

Reasons to sign up
1) You would like to contribute to the projects
2) You would like to help other librarians
3) You would like to start your own project

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