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LD4all Chat FAQ

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LD4all Chat FAQ
PostPosted: Wed 08 Feb, 2012  Reply with quote

What is the LD4all chat?

LD4all hosts two IRC chatrooms: #ld4all and #dreamtime.

#LD4all is a lucid dreaming themed, general chatroom. Anything that can be posted in the forum, can be discussed there.

#Dreamtime is a more "strictly on topic" chatroom, and can be compared to the Quest for Lucidity subforum.

How do I join?

Both chatrooms are hosted on the Chat4All IRC network. There are different ways to reach the LD4all chat:

-through the LD4all web chat
-through web IRC clients like mibbit.com
-through a standalone IRC client, for example mIRC or xchat
-through a phone IRC client, covered by the phone IRC topic

If you use the webchat, all the settings are already configured, and you will only need to choose a nick. Please note that you will be disconnected if you press the "back" button in your browser.
If you use an IRC client, the settings are:

server: irc.chat4all.org
channel: #ld4all or #dreamtime

More specific, the commands you need in order to access the main #ld4all chat are:

/server irc.chat4all.org
/join #ld4all

Which commands does the chat have?

Ordinary IRC commands apply. Some useful ones are:

/nick <yournewnick> changes your nickname
⁄me <action> emote, will show as *yournick action
/msg <nick> <message> sends a private message to another user
/query <nick> <message> opens a new private messaging window with another user
/join <#channel> joins a different channel
/part <#channel> leaves a channel
/whois <nick> shows some info about another user
/quit <optional quit message> quits.

What are the rules?

Typing ? rules or ? help in the chat window will show the LD4all chat rules. They can also be found in this forum topic.

There are always some people connected to the chat, but we may be idle. Our users cover many different time zones, and the activity vary. It might be very busy some times and quiet at other times. If it is quiet, it can take some time before somebody notices that somebody is talking, so please be patient. Or why not start a conversation yourself? smile If it is very busy in #ld4all, it is usually quieter in #dreamtime.

As on the forum, speaking English in the chat is recommended, because it can be understood by the most people. It is considered impolite to have conversations in a language which few can understand; it is always possible to create a private channel for that. It is of course OK to answer a question from a first time visitor in their native language, if they don't speak English.

Are there other channels out there?

Chat4all is an IRC network, which hosts multiple channels. Some are public, some private, and some belong to other websites. #LD4all, #wolfgame (which is used for the werewolf/vampire forum game) and #dreamtime are secret channels. This means that users on other channels can't see them, unless they already are in them. This is done to keep spammers and bots out of the channels. If you explore the other channels on the network, please bear in mind that they are in no way affiliated with LD4all, and that mentioning the channel names there could attract spammers to LD4all. Also, mentioning channel names could be seen as advertising in some channels.

Some other channels you might encounter on Chat4all are:

-#lounge, the chat network's official and open channel. People from many different sites and communities meet here, including a few LD4all members. It is not in any way affiliated with LD4all.

-#philosophy, a channel for discussion of philosophy and beliefs. It isn't uncommon for discussions to continue there after starting in #LD4all; it is however not owned by LD4all.

-Various wolfgame/vampiregame roleplay channels. You will sometimes be invited by an allied player, and those channels are always strictly secret.

-Some playground roleplaying and "faction" topics might also have channels, the owners of those are free to enforce their own rules as long as general network rules are followed.

We are not responsible for moderating other channels than #ld4all, #dreamtime and #wolfgame. Questions or complaints about other channels should be directed towards their operators. If you have general IRC questions (for instance about starting your own channel), you can contact the Chat4all staff in #help.

How do I sign up?

It is possible to register your nickname. Doing that will make you the owner of the nick, and you will be able to recover it if somebody for example tries to impersonate you. Many prefer to use the same nick in the forum as in the chat. The nick might already be registered, in that case you can simply choose a different one.

The command for registering your nick is:

/nickserv register password email

The password can be anything you want, for security reasons it is recommend that you use one that isn't easily guessed. The email address must be a valid one, because you will receive a mail from Chat4All with a confirmation code. Some mail providers, especially Yahoo, might spamfilter those mails.

What if something is bothering me in the chat?

If somebody in the chat is harassing you, either in the channel or in PM, it is possible to block the user.

/ignore nick will block channel messages from that user
/silence +nick will block private messages from that user

Please don't hesitate to contact a moderator if something is unclear, or something feels wrong. The moderators can be recognised in chat by a @, & or ~ sign next to their nicks in the list. There is also a topic in the helpdesk about logging on to chat.

The LD4all moderators and the Chat4All staff can't view private messages, or other channels than the ones they are in. Anyone can, however, log and save conversations. Please don't post chat logs without asking everybody in them for permission.

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