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I think I had my first LD... but I'm not sure!

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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I think I had my first LD... but I'm not sure!
PostPosted: Sun 18 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

Hello everyone!

I joined this forum yesterday. I had been interested in lucid dreaming for quite some time, but never really actually tried it. Last night I found this website, and eventually ended up reading the guide and forum posts until late, right before I went to bed... and it was all so fresh in my head, I think I had a lucid dream without even trying. Is that possible?

It all started when I went to bed. I have an aunt visiting so I had to sleep in my sister's room. So when I went to bed, I started to think that the next morning I wouldn't be able to write my dream right away... then I started to drift into sleep, and then suddenly, it was morning and I was there, in my sister's bed, writting about my last dream. And then someone from school appeared, and suddenly I was at a party, talking with friends.

The "lucid" sensation was very... slight, I don't know how to describe it. I never had a LD before so I don't know what it feels like. I recall being slightly aware that I was dreaming, yet everything seemed perfectly fine... in my dream I was walking on the street with a friend looking for a place to buy cigarretes. When we got to a place, there was a number on the wall, so I decided to do a reality check (I had read about it earlier and had started doing it when checking time on my cellphone) anndd... it changed! And I remember going "HECK YES!" in my mind and getting really happy about it.

After that, I used my mind to make some money appear (for the cigs tounge2) and also to make my cellphone appear, because I could feel it vibrating but I knew I didn't have it because I was dreaming. Then I went like "duh, you're dreaming, make it appear!". And it suddenly appeared in my bag.

The reasons I'm not 100% sure it was a total lucid dream are the fact that the sensation of conciousness was very "light". I didn't manage my whole dream, I just made some decisions, made objects appear... but actually felt as if I was reasoning awake. It's so strange to describe. Also, the fact that I didn't really do anything to try to get a LD!

I woke up very happy anyway. I realized I actually controled my dream, besides the dream was very nice and I was surrounded by people I like. It was a great experience!

Do you think this counts as a LD? Will the sensations get "deeper" as I get more experienced, or do they always feel "light"? Not that I didn't like it or was expecting more, I loved the feeling, I'm just curious smile

Current LD goal(s): make my lucidity last more than a few seconds
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PostPosted: Sun 18 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

It's perfectly possible to get a LD without trying. It seems you did get lucid but it might have been a low level of lucidity. See, there's a whole gradient of lucidity between a normal dream and a fully lucid one. Sometimes you even dream you are lucid bu t you aren't, those are called FLD's. All of these can be fun as well tounge2

But bottom line is if you knew it was a dream, it was a lucid dream. A good indicator of a real LD (with a decent level of lucidity) is euphoria. If you really feel that happiness and OMG! feeling, then you had a LD almost 100% for sure.

Anyway, yes, with practice/perseverance your LD's should get "deeper" and better in many other ways. Congrats on the LD! And welcome to LD4all grin

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Mon 19 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

I new to this forum as well, but have had LD's all my life, it's just that I never realised that I could go in any further and control things.

But, since joining this forum my LD's have really jumped in frequency from around once a month to sometimes more than one per week!
Also, some of the tricks I've learnt from this forum have really helped with the depth of the lucidity and the length of time I stay lucid.

The real break though was the learning about how to spot you are dreaming and are lucid and then buggering it up by getting too excited about all the possiblities and waking yourself up, that was my biggest problem.
I now have learnt to stay calm when lucid and to just practice staying lucid and not doing an awful lot for a few minutes, then I start to play

I think you're well on the way to becoming fully lucid (as in being as lucid as you are sitting reading this), so keep at it and have fun.

If I were to offer you the biggest tip from my point of view, it would be to STAY CALM once you realise you are dreaming, because when I realise I'm dreaming, the overwhelming feeling of lucidity that washes over you can be really intense and wake you up.

Anyways, good luck. smile

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Mon 19 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

Yep, that seems like an LD. I had my first LD just like you did. I only had the intention of remembering some of my dreams. The feeling is really amazing, it's the thing that's keeping me really motivated. It was 6 days ago, no LD since, but I'm sure I'm gonna have another soon. Learn as much as you can and keep your motivation up, U'll definately have more!

Current LD goal(s): have more LD-s and better DR
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