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Dreaming of wild?

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Dreaming of wild?
PostPosted: Wed 10 Jul, 2019  Reply with quote

So this dream was a few days ago. and i cant really decide if it was a LD or not. The dream started with me sleeping in my bed at home. the issue with this is that im not at home im with my grandparents, thats how i knew it was a dream. then my cat jumped in my bed, but it wasnt my cat it was a blue cat. and i started watching the hypnogonia when i finally entered a lucid dream. I am so unsure if i was actually aware that i was in a dream or if i was dreaming that i was aware in the dream. idk if this made sence hopefully someone have had the same experience.

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Something slightly similar that I experienced
ILLUSION OF LUCIDITY (original title but later I decided it was a LD)
I also had to decide if I was actually lucid or not. You have to remember what you were really thinking in the dream.

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