What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part IX
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#121:  Author: vermili0n PostPosted: Wed 14 Sep, 2016
I've been having a lot of dreams where I am carrying or shooting a firearm. Maybe six to eight dreams this week.

#122:  Author: carf PostPosted: Sun 02 Oct, 2016
A giant tyrannosaurs charging around my childhood home garden!!!

#123:  Author: Prospero PostPosted: Wed 05 Oct, 2016
I saw some emus near the gate of my home. I thought it was weird before thinking: they must be building a zoo next door. Then I saw a rhino charging through the garden, a pack of wolves, and lions roaring next to me.

#124:  Author: Cinder PostPosted: Fri 04 Nov, 2016
About a couple of days ago I met my parents in a dream. I don't think dream me is doing well on understanding that me and my parents live on a different continent.

#125:  Author: Letaali PostPosted: Sun 06 Nov, 2016
Well, if any weird occurrence in a dream is a dream sign, I have plenty of those. tounge1 Lets list some of them, I guess:
-I shrunk myself with a shrink ray.
-I met fairies in their underground city.
-I made lightning hit me, died and came back to life.
-A paramedic jumped into a river without reason.
-Necromorph-like monsters tore me apart and I turned back time to save myself.
-I heard music coming from outside the world. It had no source.
-I said "If this is a dream..."
-I met Goddess of the Moon, Elune, in person.

Those are all from this week. If I have to pick ACTUAL dream signs: turning back time and monsters.

#126:  Author: GenghisKhan PostPosted: Mon 07 Nov, 2016
I have to be ashamed at THIS dream, where:
- a shark swims in an open canal close to people
- the shark flies, hits a stone archway with its nose, gracefully descends into the water
- penguins and kids are sliding together
- I cannot find my shoes and have to walk barefoot
- my wife suggests this could be a dream, I discourage her to think it, show her how to do a proper RC
- I go to a car I've never seen before

And, despite all that, I do not become lucid grin

#127:  Author: Arai Kobzo PostPosted: Sun 18 Dec, 2016
This creature broke my arm, it didn't hurt and I didn't realised it is a dream.
Oh man...

#128:  Author: Deletethisaccount PostPosted: Mon 19 Dec, 2016
I was on the beach and could see the names of each constellation written in golden letters & dotted lines that formed the corresponding figures drawn on them in the night sky~♥ (It was very pretty! I should draw it!)

To see figures/images on the sky it's a dream sign of mine but I didn't even thought about it! And just after that a huge tsunami formed in front of me (my number 1 DS!!!) but I didn't become lucid at all, I just ran away from it, lol! 😂

#129: Missed DSs Author: PhallaxorTheMatterlord PostPosted: Thu 26 Jan, 2017
I saw a fight in a big empty parking lot. It was between huge robots with big dumpsters on their backs like bookbags.

#130:  Author: Insomnia44 PostPosted: Wed 01 Nov, 2017
Well my dreamsign is a dog I had years ago. He died due to a car accident but I see him still in my dreams. He even can speak to me. I am always very happy to see him smile

#131:  Author: paynecaitlyn PostPosted: Mon 25 Mar, 2019
LOL so much funny grin

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