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#1: Last Night's Dreams Highlights! Author: mattias PostPosted: Sat 08 Dec, 2012
Sometimes I wake up and think "X happened in my dream, it was so fun/funny/weird/ironic I want to tell people!" but creating a topic just for that isn't practical, most people won't read through my DJ to find it and people in chat are usually talking about something else and I hate changing the subject like that grin So I think this might be a fun way to share our dreams .

The idea is sharing the coolest thing that happened in your dreams last night, without getting into too much detail. One or two lines is good, like a tweet or something. Feel free to leave a link to your DJ if you want. Feel free too to break the rules here and there ^^ Two cool separate things happened last night? You need five lines to describe it? That's all fine, the idea is just not going into too much detail of who said what, how people looked like exactly, etc.

I'll start with a few random ones from the past nights to serve as example (even though what a cool dream is is subjective).

- I dreamed I was some sort of queen in a building and went to a different universe. Coming back I turned into a small moon in a room and whoever saw it went mad.

- I flew on a purple dragon and shot lightning at some evil creatures.

- I cut a DC friends' boyfriend into pieces with a sword and then she turned into a piece of paper with a drawing of her.

- I dreamed that I found out that all the beaches in the world were polluted and all the post cards with beaches were lying.

ND's can be fun too! grin (btw, LD's are also welcome).

#2:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Thu 13 Dec, 2012
I guess no one liked this idea lach2 Oh well. I haven't had anything super special to report either. I walked on the ceiling last night, but that's it... (and sorry for the double post XD)

#3:  Author: Shadow of a Day PostPosted: Thu 13 Dec, 2012
Hey, I actually think this sounds really fun, but haven't had the most exciting dreams the last couple of days. I'll post anyways grin :

-During the day I felt like having m&m's, So in my dream I ate m&m's. They tasted great ^^
- I met a friend I hadn't seen for a long time.

#4:  Author: Quicksilver21 PostPosted: Thu 13 Dec, 2012
Firstly, great idea smile Last night I had a really weird dream, but it was quite vivid:

So I was on some sort of futuristic landing pad with some guys that I somehow recognised as friends. Basically, to give you the short version a bunch of presidents came and we shot them for some reason, then Nickson starting throwing explosive barrels at us, it was really weird...

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#5:  Author: yoy PostPosted: Thu 13 Dec, 2012
That's a great idea!

I dont remember a lot lately but here it goes :

-I fought against zombies while leading a survivor team.
-I sneaked in a drug factory with a lot of plants. I fought and killed bad guys before running to get the helicopter.
-Got invited by mitt romney for lunch

That's pretty much all.
I'll come back for more to keep this thread alive. It diserves it

#6:  Author: Hamperson PostPosted: Fri 14 Dec, 2012
i was a a gymnastics place and i was like living a mix of blacks ops 2 and halo four and we were doing parkour and trying to kill each other

#7:  Author: TheWalkingDreamer PostPosted: Fri 14 Dec, 2012
-I realized I was dreaming and looked at my hand and made it morph so it looked like the Minecraft hand.

-I transformed some water I was about to skydive into from a plane, into Minecraft water.

I like Minecraft

#8:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Sat 15 Dec, 2012
Yay, posts! Some really great stuff grin

TheWalkingDreamer's Minecraft hand must have been weird, I mean, not even fingers! overspannen (I've had a few Minecraft dreams too, they are usually fun!)

Last night I ran away from some really huge weird stone aliens in the shape of animals.

I also saw a guy who had bought robot parts for his body with money he got from selling his "Armadillo 3 Cameras" whatsthat

#9:  Author: TheWalkingDreamer PostPosted: Sat 15 Dec, 2012
Yeah it was weird I just kinda stared at it because I didn't really expect it to actually work.

- I got to wield a portal gun and mess around in Aperture Science facilities.

#10:  Author: Shadow of a Day PostPosted: Sat 15 Dec, 2012
I had exactly the same dream twice, and it was rather strange:
-Three guys with big machine-guns were shooting down a tree after they decided a chainsaw wasn't good enough to do the job, it wasn't very effective tounge2

#11:  Author: korakie PostPosted: Sat 15 Dec, 2012
Great idea! So, I don't usually dream animals, especially the wild ones. The dog, cat is ok.. Well, actually I can't recall any dream with an animal in it o.O
-The female deer was running into me and had an eye contact with it, but she got past me. After I saw two lions fighting.
-There was a toilet standing in the middle of the city (just what..?)

#12:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Sat 15 Dec, 2012
That's a strange dream to have exactly twice overspannen lol

- There was this huge strange construction with many golden dragon heads on pillars that looked like cacti. Later in the dream the whole contraption was a ship which I piloted with some people and we landed on the side of a bigger ship in space. Inside I got some oxygen masks but I couldn't put mine on, I tried to breathe and couldn't at all, I even felt the vacuum sucking on my face, it was really weird/scary.

#13:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 15 Dec, 2012
-Had a lightsaber fight with Darth Maul

It's an awesome idea mattias!

#14:  Author: TheWalkingDreamer PostPosted: Sun 16 Dec, 2012
Did you win the fight???

-I flew successfully by acting like the air was water and I was swimming.

#15:  Author: K4nt PostPosted: Sun 16 Dec, 2012
Great idea smile

Last night was pretty fun, the highlight was :

-Punching a DC when he suddenly turns into... a calendar, I keep hitting then rip him off without even finding it odd. Couldn't stop laughing when I woke up grin

#16:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2012
I had no dream recall last night sadblauw but

K4nt wrote:
Punching a DC when he suddenly turns into... a calendar

OMG that's just hilarious! lach2 ... had to comment... lach1

#17:  Author: korakie PostPosted: Wed 19 Dec, 2012
Ok.. So I just woke up and looked at my phone as I remember writing a dream or to to it. And what I found and recalled was really interesting. I will write all the dream:
-We were given a pills to fall asleep. There were maybe ten of us if not more. I hugged a girl and saw her shutting my eyes with no time everything become black and I was leeping.. Suddenly, I started seeing a blue spot in the middle. It started become bigger and bigger as I appeared into some kind of the room realising that I am in the dream (I wasn't lucid with real world, because I thought that the real world was the one in which I was given pills). I was given some kind of logical task to do, so I could proceed to the next door. I succeeded and entered next room. I saw other people who fell asleep with me in that room, but they had their own tasks. It was a race, a dream race..

#18:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 19 Dec, 2012
TheWalkingDreamer wrote:
Did you win the fight???
Unfortunately the dream was pretty short and I woke up before anything dramatic happened...

Not last night's dreams, but still.
-tasted boiled snake
-was able to defend myself against a couple of molesters/rapists, caused a big traffic jam because I was fighting them on a street (quite close to my home IRL) which resulted into a punchfest while I could escape

#19:  Author: yoy PostPosted: Wed 19 Dec, 2012
Love the calendar transformation.

Last night dream, i got close to an LD. I won't get tricked again :

-Last week i dreamed about a walking dead character who lost his daughter in my dream. But last night, i dreamt about him and thought about telling him that i dreamed about him and about his daughter. (I thought I really knew him in real life... ) but I thought it was better not to.

-And the worst : I was in a street trying to go forward but I couldn't move as I wanted. I thought to myself : ¨This is exactly like a dream wow!¨and kept trying to move without getting lucid sadblauw

#20:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Wed 19 Dec, 2012
- While lucid I walked to a girl, asking her questions, but then suddenly she was a hand bag whatsthat
- I think I flew with a dog on my back ^^

#21:  Author: Shadow of a Day PostPosted: Thu 20 Dec, 2012
"I started bbq'ing food in my shed in the garden, I walked out for a minute and when i came back there was a pile of ashes on the bbq and the walls of the shed had turned black by scorching, then I heard my mother come back fomr the shops (Jikes!). Of course the first thing she did was go to the shed, I tried to stop her but it didn't work. If she saw it she would kill me sadblauw. We stood in front of the shed when the door suddenly opened and dokter House came out of the shed. somehow he had polished the walls of the wooden shed to a shining silver."
He should become a janitor tounge2

#22:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Sat 22 Dec, 2012
I think I had a FLD inside a FLD lach1, or something like that.

In one dream a group of girls killed me... twice! eek2 I then went back to get revenge and killed almost all of them. My dreams aren't usually this violent... overspannen

EDIT: december 23rd
- In a short lucid moment I saw a wooden "v" object carved with angel's heads at each end.
- in a ND I got caught in a tornado, the wind was increadibly strong, although I managed not to get taken away. I also punched some round rock/fireballs so they wouldn't hit me, they were extremely hot!

#23:  Author: yoy PostPosted: Sun 30 Dec, 2012
After more than a week, I got lucid last night:

-I explained a friend how to stabilize the dream by looking closely at a tree and at his hands
-The sky was awful and it was raining so I said to the dream "I want thisweather to be nicer" and the clouds went away
-I jumped on big buildings and teaching it to other DC
-I got beaten by a freaky muscular man with white hair but then I said "I'm 5 times stronger than him" and I could throw him in a buildind then smash a car on him. DC's around cheered smile

Fells good to get lucid again

#24:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Mon 31 Dec, 2012
- I transformed into a huge white dragon last night. Unfortunately I only felt bigger and "knew" I was a dragon, I didn't see or feel my dragon body. I think I breathed some fire, though.

- I threw some big fireballs, much bigger than any I've ever summoned.

- I went to a fun lucid party with guitars and girls tounge2

and congrats on your LD, yoy!!

#25:  Author: Genre PostPosted: Tue 08 Jan, 2013
- Last night I rode a skateboard with 2 wheels down a steep slope and ended up in front of my house which had a giant bird's nest with swarms of bees living in it. They also somehow managed to get into our house. Annoying buggers.

#26:  Author: PaceMaster PostPosted: Tue 08 Jan, 2013
Last night I was messing around in a really big mall. Endless fun when you are lucid in a mall.

#27:  Author: Shadow of a Day PostPosted: Tue 08 Jan, 2013
I was in the gymhall and suddenly noticed there was a hole in the wall somebody had tried hide by filling it up with buckets of orange paint. I took the buckets out and walked through the hole, there was a big elavator there and it went down to a secret Spy hide-out, I was messing around on a motercycle down there when my gymteacher showed up "hey! you aren't supposed to be here. Get back to class".

#28:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Wed 30 Jan, 2013
I was one of my CALD characters, met Luke Skywalker in the Jedi Temple who was concerned about a new kind of "sphere", (quite similar to those Luke uses to exercise and strengthen his senses, the ones which shoot lasers at you randomly) of which one had escaped and had already killed a few people. Big scenery change, at home as myself, photographing gems and other beautiful stones/mineral for a time bar(some quite amazing details here). Discovered the inactive/idling sphere on our couch and somehow switched back to being my CALD character. I then shook the sphere, activating it. Shoot it twice with a laser gun (it has three "lives") while lying flat on the ground as I knew its laser couldn't detect subjects lying close to ground level. To my surprise it was capable of speaking and informed me that it can, in fact, detect me. Damn, I gave the Younglings wrong advice! At this moment, a wikipedia-like article appeared in my mind's eye and gave me some background information about the sphere and the responsible company. I quickly pulled out my laser sword and cut the sphere into halves. Mission accomplished! grin (Also sorry for lenghty post, I tried to keep it as brief as possible...)

#29:  Author: Literal_Knightmare PostPosted: Wed 30 Jan, 2013
In a ND I was flying with wings, when this freaky rabbit thing with razor teeth latched onto my leg... It was like the end of the world or something.

#30:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Wed 30 Jan, 2013
hahah, awesome dream, Leijona! lach1 I like the wikipedia part, some very random information has gotten to me in dreams in similar manners tounge2

Sean Bean was in my dream last night. He died. Poor guy, even in my dreams he gets killed off neutral . Then an old wise lady took we into a tiny elevator and as we went underground she asked me if I know how to put a coin in a "fumija". I wonder what the hell that is (even though I asked and she said it was some type of milk/juice... whatsthat

#31:  Author: Raizu PostPosted: Thu 31 Jan, 2013
Oh well, I was lucid tonight, but only on about layer 2.

I remember doing my reality check while I was on the back of some medieval horse and buggy thingy. It was night and I could only see the darkness, and some of the warm light shining off streetlamps. (medieval + street lamps = dream logic...)
From the moment I became lucid, I wanted to contribute to this topic/experiment. A random DC with a large spoon came up to me, and started pushing me, asking me what I was trying to do... Oh, those Dream Characters! wink5

#32:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Sun 03 Feb, 2013
Great idea mattias, I just stumble on this topic.

Last night dreams I don't remember but 2 days ago I had an amazing dream.

Longer version is in my garden, so

main thing happened in outer space, the dream was non lucid but nevertheless it was amazing. I was flying through the nebula and I guess I was shaping it as I was flying. Well here's the image how it looked (click on the image for somewhat larger image)

Lately I have problem remembering dreams, started with new job and I'm still getting use to it...

#33:  Author: Sorath1997 PostPosted: Fri 15 Feb, 2013
The only thing I can do in a dream that I realize I'm dreaming in is fly a broomstick in my house and jump really high running down the street but other than that I can't have a lucid dream tounge2

#34:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Fri 15 Feb, 2013
- Last night a cat got on my back and covered my ears with it's paws. It was supposed to be it's way of letting me know I had a fever and indeed, my forehead was really hot!

- In another dream people jumped through a glass window out of the last floor of a tall building. I made the glass bits fit back together into a window. Then I looked out and saw one of the people gliding around, really tiy far away.

#35:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Sun 24 Feb, 2013
I had an great dream last night where main character except me was my coworker. He bought an awesome motorbike which looked this Tomos. Nothing special, right? But when he sat on it and when he turned the key in the ignition the bike literally transformed into something like this still with the lines of the original Tomos motorbike. It looked awesome!

The night before I had a lucid dream which again was awesome. The main theme was me flying over some beautiful landscape in the time of sunrise but the things was on the horizon there were 2 suns! eek2

#36:  Author: Loah PostPosted: Wed 27 Feb, 2013
last night i had a laser pointer that made things grow and then pop like a balloon.

#37:  Author: Siiw PostPosted: Tue 05 Mar, 2013
Work took literally all day today, so i'll post here instead:

I went to a place i knew from a false memory, and used a hidden key to open a safe. The safe contained a little notebook with this written in it: 15 11 18 26. A DC told me that the code could be very useful the next time I come back. I wrote it down in several places but realised that it would be gone when I woke up.

#38:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Mon 11 Mar, 2013
Ah, bad dreams all night. I think cold got me and I had weird dreams.

It was something about driving something somewhere. I have very bad recall and I remember that I was frustrated in the dream and upon awakening. Everything was supposed to go easy and normally but normal things turned into complicated ones.

It was something about big rock that was needed to be transported somewhere...

Very weird dream... neutral

#39:  Author: Shadow of a Day PostPosted: Sun 17 Mar, 2013
This scene takes place Somewhere in a dark underground bunker. I'm surrounded by serious looking people and we're in the middle of an important discussion. Suddenly the question pops up: "How do we even know any of this is real?". Me: "You can always check by... [/i]I'm starting to suspect already as I'm thinking faster than I'm talking ..thinking about how you got here." [i]Suddenly it clicks and I know i'm dreaming Other person: "What did you say?". Me: "How did you get here?" "Think about it. How did you get here?". him: "I...I..". Watching his expression as he realised was priceless tounge2

#40:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Sun 17 Mar, 2013
I almost forgot about this topic, I'm glad you guys are keeping it alive!

The other night I turned into a wave! It was an interesting feeling. I was in the middle of a room and just transformed, becoming taller.

Last night I put on a wide straw hat and used it to fly, by holding onto it.

#41:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Wed 15 May, 2013
Time to try and revive this! (and sorry for double post)

Last night I fought a ninja/samurai guy with swords trying to get information out of him (semi-LD). I heard the name Hirsh and thought I had heard it a lot in my dreams (FM), somehow I knew he just didn't want to tell me about it.

I also drove a motorcycle really fast on a road. There was a truck that didn't seem to want me to get by him, so I got off the road onto the grass. The change of terrain almost made me lose my balance.

#42:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Thu 16 May, 2013
Last night I had an awesome dream. I found myself in my city but as a driver I'm frustrated by all the works that are at the moment on the road and it looks that it transformed into my dreams,

So... I was in my city and in the dream there were my colleagues from work and one beautiful girl from the clinic where sometimes I deliver things. Because of the works city was separated into 2 by the post. In this post the girl from clinic worked. As I checked myself in she needed to sign some papers to me as I did to her, but also I asked for her number and I did it very nicely. (I was proud on myself in a dream...) After work she came to our office and we continued the adventure...

The dream was intense, filled with emotions and feelings. It was a nice experience...

#43:  Author: Shadow of a Day PostPosted: Thu 16 May, 2013
Last Night I had a dream in which I was lucid from the start, but I didn't have any dreamcontrol.

Now you could think that is Great, since we strive for that dreamcontrol but being just 'myself' made it a lot of fun.

I was on some tropical island, covered in white marbel ruins overrun with climbing green plants, and inbetween the different ruins were small streams of clear blue water. After I find out I had absolutely no powers I decided to really go and explore the dream (something I haven't done in a while). I walked between the ruins looking for a way to teleport to a different place were I would perhaps meet dc's. And after a while I just found myself in this huge kathedral built only out of dark wood. I heard my brother calling me but I diden't see him, and started opening doors and stuff to find him, and then i found myself in my room with a taperecorder lying on my bed

this was rather funny to me. A couple of weeks back we went on vacation with the family and I shared a room with my brother. He was very annoyed by the fact that I was snoring really loudly (I had a nasty cold shy2 ). But I didnt believe him at first because when I was little I used to sleep so quietly that he worried I wasn't breathing enough. He said he would record it when it happened again.

I Apologize for this wall of text, It was just a simple dream but it was fun.

#44:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Sat 18 May, 2013
@Shadow of a Day: That place sounds really awesome!

@dB_FTS: experiences like that with DC's of people that exist IWL can be really something!

#45:  Author: Literal_Knightmare PostPosted: Mon 20 May, 2013
-I was in a huge office like building, when I saw this dwarf talking to his brother.
Brother: " you are such a child, always walking around here naked."
Dwarf: " I am an adult so its not naked, its nuked."
Me: " whatsthat eh ........ lach1 lach2

- In another dream I went to the store to buy lemons, I gave them to the clerk to weigh, and he said I couldn't buy them because they didn't weigh enough. So he kept adding more until they cost more than I could afford. I kept arguing how this was stupid and didn't make any sense. I ended going back home to get more money. grrr

#46:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Thu 06 Jun, 2013
Last night I saw a group of applauding ducks! lach2 It was extra cute.

#47:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Tue 11 Jun, 2013
mattias wrote:
Last night I saw a group of applauding ducks! lach2 It was extra cute.

Hahaha, that must have been hilarious.

----------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- --------------

My last night dream was sad, very sad...

I was in some kind of rural area, populated with not to much houses and families. Chillin' and just waking admiring how everything odd looked. After few minutes I saw a smoke. I knew immediately that something was wrong. I ran toward the smoke, in a second there was a fire.

After some time firefighters showed up and they put the fire out bug there was another vehicle which had some kind of cable or cord attached to the firefighters truck and in one moment it broke and this another truck flipped over and crushed all the people and the children that were in its way. It was tragic, everyone was crying as I did and I was filled with sadness...

Few minutes later medics came and they said that they can help few of them but not all of them... I woke up, feeling pretty sad... sadblauw

#48:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Tue 11 Jun, 2013
dB_FTS: sadblauw

mattias: I shall contribute! :D

Last Night:

#49:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Wed 12 Jun, 2013
Jeff Goldblum was in a dream disguised as a doctor. I recognized his "uh" and "um"s. When I pointed out who he was, he was not very happy I "blew [his] uhh... cover.. um... very unprofessional."

#50:  Author: Eterna PostPosted: Thu 13 Jun, 2013
The highlight of last night's dream:

I was at work. Working.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. sadblauw tounge1

#51:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Thu 13 Jun, 2013
Eterna wrote:
The highlight of last night's dream:

I was at work. Working.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. sadblauw tounge1

Same here, I was dreaming about my work and I was not happy, I was frustrated...

#52:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Mon 17 Jun, 2013
Last night's dream was in the same settings as many before that. I was getting ready for school even though I was going to work. Funny story because in WL I do work and I do not go to school anymore.

As usually the problem arise when I actually need to go. Always something. This time it was a choice between the means of transportation... My first choice was scooter and I already took the helmet when I saw the weather changing over the garage. I could see how clouds were building up and getting darker and darker.

After that I choose a car over scooter but then again I opened the garage doors and 2 cars were there. Which one to choose?

First car was Pontiac Firebird and the second was Chevrolet Camaro.

Camaro was full red color, Firebird was black but firebird on the hood was red.

Later on I remember waking up for work - was not a FA!

#53:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Tue 18 Jun, 2013
Last Night:

Forgot about this for a second. tounge2

#54:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Sat 22 Jun, 2013
Last night's dream was about solar eclipse. Very nice and peaceful dream although my eyes got damaged by looking at sun too much... grin

#55:  Author: Lumessence PostPosted: Thu 27 Jun, 2013
I got into a relationship using "ld abilities" to impress them. We dated for a while, went to a theme park, and I did some interesting things. They asked me what all I could do, and I said all kinds of things, and then I said "or make the sun explode." and they gave me a horrible look, so told them i was just kidding.

Later, i figured out that they were just using me for my abilities, and I broke it off.

#56:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Thu 27 Jun, 2013
2 lucid dreams, second one was the continuation of the first one. I was on the street of some to me unknown city. Realized that's the dream because of some sign that looked very familiar and that made me to question everything.

Later on I used telekinesis for fun and to do some mess and screw with people.

- funny though I didn't fly, which is what I do in almost every LD...

#57:  Author: Lumessence PostPosted: Sun 30 Jun, 2013
I was playing GW2, running around in wvw chaining knockdown on enemies by using a "wooden plank". There was nothing they could do but spending too much time on the ground. But their companions didn't seem to like it either...

#58:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Sun 30 Jun, 2013
In a ND last night I was in Skyrim and put on some golden armor, it was pretty cool. The chest and shoulder pieces stuck to me as if by magnetism.

I also explored a pretty cool Minecraft world.

#59:  Author: Siiw PostPosted: Fri 26 Jul, 2013
I was singing loudly in a choir, and was low lucid at least through a part of it. After that, I witnessed a cyborg waking up to discover what he now looked like, and tried to save somebody from drowning in a raging maelstrom.

#60:  Author: Lumessence PostPosted: Sat 27 Jul, 2013
I summoned Cthulhu, turned him into a chicken, then someone else took him to make chicken sandwiches.

#61:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Sat 27 Jul, 2013
Last Night:

#62:  Author: Shadow of a Day PostPosted: Sun 18 Aug, 2013
I was on a beach at night, I had just become Lucid for no reason, when the sky turned dark orange with red patches. I was facing away from the sea and turned around, expecting to see an amazing sunrise. Boy was I wrong, I was barely able to catch a glimpse of the huge nuclear missile on the horizon, as it exploded mid-air.

The blast was truly beautiful in a dark way

#63:  Author: Siiw PostPosted: Thu 19 Sep, 2013
SoaD: Wow, that sounds like a dream to remember siiw

Last night, I expected a visit from my uncle, but got a visit from an Elf. The way he was represented in the dream confused my senses, and it made me lucid. He went missing later, and I looked for him for a long time, through a street market full of artists and street musicians. I was lucid for a very long time. I'll type it up better tomorrow, when I have more time.

#64:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Fri 20 Sep, 2013
Shadow of a Day wrote:
I was on a beach at night, I had just become Lucid for no reason, when the sky turned dark orange with red patches. I was facing away from the sea and turned around, expecting to see an amazing sunrise. Boy was I wrong, I was barely able to catch a glimpse of the huge nuclear missile on the horizon, as it exploded mid-air.

The blast was truly beautiful in a dark way

Now that's cool! grin

It's definitely going on my "to do list". Also I would "add" experience of surviving the explosion as it was in the last X-men movie The Wolverine - I don't wanna be a spoiler but if you watched it then you will know what I'm talking about! ^^

#65:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Sat 07 Dec, 2013
Last night I had all kinds of dreams: the nice ones, the sad ones, the profound ones, the awesome ones...

The nice dream was about talking to a person I never met before about everyday things. The setting was very similar to scene in inception where was Cobb and Ariadne in their first shared dream experience. Only difference was that everything was in a white tone, the street was white, building behind us was white, chairs and table were white and we were in white clothes. We had a nice talk.

The sad one was very emotional. Don't know why but I was at the basketball game and one of the players fell down on his neck and broke it. In a matter of the seconds players realized what happened, the crowd jumped and there were tears on my eyes immediately. Everyone got around. Even now the feeling is still strong, feeling of sadness.

The profound one was about alcohol. Some might think that there is nothing profound about this topic I disagree smile.

And the awesome one was about extreme sport. There were polygons with ramps and quad motorcycles. It was extreme and awesome to watch!

#66:  Author: LotusFlowerBomb PostPosted: Wed 05 Feb, 2014
I "woke up" from a dream early in the morning with it still fresh in my mind. (I don't remember what it was about now though). I felt exhausted and sluggish, but the lights were on and I knew I had to get up and get ready for school, but I just really didn't want to. Then I suddenly thought, "But wait, isn't this still a dream?" I tried to do a reality check, But I felt so sleepy and the lights were so blindingly bright that I couldn't bring myself to move or open my eyes. I concluded from the bright lights and my lack of desire to move that this was WL, and went back to sleep... or I just exited the dream, in other words.

Now this actually makes me excited, because the fact that I'm questioning my reality and having FAs means that I'm getting closer to lucidity! :D

#67:  Author: mongofa PostPosted: Thu 20 Feb, 2014
A few nights ago I dreamt I was at some party, and I saw a miniature version of one my friends hiding under a table. Let's call him Darren. In the dream Darren had a British accent and explained to me that he, his miniature self, had the same personality as another full-sized human that he knew, and that that full sized human had a miniature self with the same personality as Darren's full sized self.

When I told the real Darren of my dream he thought it was funny and invited me to a party.

#68:  Author: dB_FTS PostPosted: Fri 21 Feb, 2014
Silver Surfer -

I was in some dream place which I really don't remember but suddenly a blue-ish man flew above me, it looked like silver surfer from marvel comics. Of course that didn't strike me as odd but luckily for me "he" flew again and then it hit me - hey man, it's silver surfer must be the dream...

From that point I had 2 lucid dreams. Firstly I rubbed my hands together to stabilize the dream and then I pinched my nose just to confirm that I am in a dream because I was about to do some crazy shit! grin

#69:  Author: CaptainBee PostPosted: Fri 28 Feb, 2014
I went to space for the first time ever in my dream last night. I don't mean just, like, being in space; I mean I was on earth and I actually flew to space. I sped through thundering clouds, through earth's heavy atmosphere until I was free from it's gravitational pull. I kept going, and even at tremendous speeds the moon still seemed to be moving ever so slowly up to my eye level.

The entire process was actually very scary. It felt so unnatural to go beyond the clouds and into the void of space. I was able to feel just how vast space was, and let me tell you it wasn't exactly comforting.
But you know, even though I was scared, I think back now and just can't help but think how amazingly awesome it was too.

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