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#196:  Author: Majah PostPosted: Sun 03 Feb, 2019
SCORES are updated, link


#197:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Mon 04 Feb, 2019
* Cornelia dusts off her scoresheet. Have I got some claims for this morning.

Per expectation, I NLD'd, like.. half of task 4. Enjoy my dreams where I see an old friend, hold my pet, am at home, walk through a door, and look out a window. Also, I'm pending-claiming being at a tourist hotspot. I was at and worked in a hotel / casino thing in a foreign country. Seems like the kind of place that would attract tourists, though I'm not sure if it counts. I could probably also claim tasting something new.. but it was a bad taste and seemed to be a made up food.. or just really yucky food.. so I don't want to. I also held my dog, Baron.. but don't think that counts as cuddling so I'm not claiming that either. Oh, and I had a short LD. So.. yea.. Something, like.. 87 points?

Dream Journal: +1
Strange Crabs ~ Short LD, Old friend / family, Home, Door, Window
Foreign Hotel ~ Pet, Tourist Hotspot (Pending)

Claims made so far:
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#198:  Author: DTDownUnder PostPosted: Mon 04 Feb, 2019
Sorry for not being at all active, the last few weeks have been total chaos for me.

Back in week one I did complete the Travailing, time, and goodbye tasks, but I never got time to log them at the time.

hopefully stuff slows down a bit and ill be able to dream a bit more.

#199:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Mon 04 Feb, 2019
Welp, as I thought might happen, I had an ND today containing an old high school bully and an old friend. After speaking with the bully I walked down stairs with the old friend and spoke to him about the situation.

I won't be typing the dream up because ~reasons~, but would like to claim Old Friend/Family and Stairs, thanks. notify

#200:  Author: Obliverum PostPosted: Mon 04 Feb, 2019
in last nights dream i visited my hometown! the house was different and did not feel at all familiar or like home, so no home points. but i did see my father who i have not seen in ten years, and my dog, so im claiming old family and pet.

i also ate a new food: brussel sprout stuffed pizza! i dont know if the new taste task was intended only for completely new flavors and ingredients, or if a new combination or recipe counts too.

what i can tell you is that brussel sprout pizza was amazingly delicious and my mouth has been watering all morning thinking about it. the brussel sprouts were halved, seasoned, and pan fried before being baked into the pie with mozzarella cheese, perfectly textured to be gooey and melty while still able to hold together as a slice shape, with pizza dough crust on both top and bottom.

#201:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Mon 04 Feb, 2019
Just some DJ entries today. No tasks.

Dream Journal: +1

Claims made so far:
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#202:  Author: Koal44 PostPosted: Tue 05 Feb, 2019
2 Journal entries for Saturday and for Monday:
1 medium LD with no Task
1 ND where I claim points for seeing "my" pet smile and passing through an (elevator) door.

#203:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 05 Feb, 2019
Just one ND today, but claiming the following:

Home - It was our current home, too! And things were in the right place.
Mirror - I glanced in the mirror in my bedroom
Teach about dreaming - I tried to teach my Mum to listen to her dreams. This comes because on the weekend I said to my sister she should sleep on her choices, and meant that literally because she has pretty important dreams.
On the Wall - I don't know if this counts, but I looked at the wall because that is where the toilet paper is. And it was there! notify The other walls in my house are mostly blank or contain windows, which was replicated in my dream.

#204:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Tue 05 Feb, 2019
DJ entry for Tuesday

Peroxide Please

Mirror 20 points
Nothing more familiar than your own reflection, right?
Look in the mirror

Castle 10 points
"A man's home is his castle"
See a castle . near but no proof it's a castle

Door 5 points
Walk through a door

On the Wall 10 points
See what's hanging on the wall, like a picture, painting or poster . would the mirror hanging on the wall count?

#205:  Author: obfusc8 PostPosted: Tue 05 Feb, 2019
DJ entry for 3rd and 5th

Tasks Done:
-On the Wall (Halloween picture)
-Turn light on/off
-Stairs (in the lecture hall)

Attempt at personal goal, which was interesting, but completely different because it involved a knife rather than a pen. Don't think it's really fair to claim those points.

#206:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Tue 05 Feb, 2019
Oh hi! Me again. And I have another small LD and a task to report! I almost got the stairs, too, but a ramp is not a set of stairs!

Dream Journal: +1
Ruin Exploration ~ Short LD, Nap, waking up in the dream

Claims made so far:
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#207:  Author: Obliverum PostPosted: Tue 05 Feb, 2019
it must have been a lucky night, i also had a lucid dream!

one medium length lucid dream, in which i successfully looked in a mirror.

i made a good attempt at the current lucidity quest, but dont feel i succeeded.

#208:  Author: james_uk2008 PostPosted: Wed 06 Feb, 2019
Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks.

#209:  Author: Susan_Y PostPosted: Wed 06 Feb, 2019
Lucid dream (short duration) in which I meet my grandfather.

Non-lucid dream in which I go through a door and win a ceramic bowl in a raffle.

I'll claim the points for a short lucid dream, a dream journal entry, the family member task and the door task.

#210:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Wed 06 Feb, 2019
Just 1 Medium LD today!! :D

So this was my First Lucid Dream in 6 months. (Actually, my first since last July). In it I was able to:

Do my Personal Goal! - This was to "Summon 妹ちゃん", which is of course the nickname I use for Mew151. (Or Miu-chan, as I call her in my dream).

Hotspot - I visited Sunshine 60 in Japan, and though I wasn't on the observation deck, I was on a platform from which I could see Tokyo Tower. (Yes, I know this likely isn't accurate to RL but excuse my dream logic).

And Language - Miu-chan and I were speaking to each other in Japanese.


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