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#1: I am just a visitor from the sunlit Author: Ou812 PostPosted: Fri 17 May, 2019
I am from England and found myself lucid in a typical representation of a northern English town. I talk to this friendly dream character as we walk the streets of the same and she looking at me states that 'I am just a visitor from the sunlit' and stepping into the shadow of a building her hair turns from blonde to black and she becomes paler in appearance. She asks me if I would like to stay and I feel a little concerned since at this point I couldn't wake if I tried, indeed start wondering if I am indeed perhaps there to stay! However I then I sort of break the 'spell' by telling her I am a 'day-walker' i.e I go about my business in the day while 'awake' while 'she' does the same in the night and with that my lucidity starts to fall away and I wake. What struck me about this dream was the agency of the dream character I encountered, the rock solid lucidity and a sense of having encountered something a little 'special' over and above my normal lucid adventures.

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