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Can't login? No activation mail? read this!

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Can't login? No activation mail? read this!
PostPosted: Fri 17 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

When you have registered on the forum you automatically get an email with an activation link. Once you have clicked the link in that email, your account is activated and you can login smile

However, sometimes this mail ends up in your spam mailbox.

if you haven't received the activation mail, check out your spam box. Especially if you have an hotmail, aol or yahoo email adress.

The activation email is usually sent within seconds of your registration so if you have been waiting and waiting for it it's probably in your spam box.

Either that or you have given a non-working email adress. You always have to give an email adress that is correct so please double check your email adress when you sign up.

Solution: mail pasQuale with your username and email adress you registered with and she will manually activate your account as soon as possible.

You will always get a reply from her when she has activated your account. Please send the email to pasQuale again if you have been waiting for a reply for longer than 3 days.

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