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FILD tutorial

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FILD tutorial
PostPosted: Wed 19 Dec, 2007  Reply with quote

FILD Tutorial

By kT4all & Sakoda,
revision: Sandra & Bruno

FILD (formally known as HILD) is a WILD variant which was invented by Hagart.

In order to perform it, you first have to wake up at a time when you will be still tired an ready to go to sleep again, this is about 5 hours after you have gone to bed, also then you will most likely awake from a REM phase. You must be relaxed as you do with all techniques.

Start moving your index finger and your middle finger up and down repeatedly as if you were playing two keys on a piano. You do this for 30 seconds. Do not count the seconds in your head or out loud just estimate how long its been. Tell yourself that you are going to do a nose reality check while you are moving your fingers.

After the 30 seconds you then stop moving your finger and do a nose reality check and if you are breathing through it then you are dreaming! If you can't breathe through your nose then you are still IRL.

If you are not dreaming then just wait for two minutes and repeat the above what you just did. If you failed the second one again do it for the third time. If you failed the third time then just fall asleep normally and try again next time.

Why twiddle your fingers and not just do the tradtional WILD method?
Well according to my and Hagart's theory, it is because if you just made a WILD attempt, you might just slip back to sleep and "forget" to RC.

For more information, don't forget to check the FILD topic in the forum! :D

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