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Spontaneous WILD? (I didnt try to induce a LD that night)

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Spontaneous WILD? (I didnt try to induce a LD that night)
PostPosted: Fri 04 Dec, 2015  Reply with quote

sometime last year i had this very weird WILD. I didnt even try to induce it i just went to bed and my body shut down while my head was still awake and i expirianced how the numbness crept all the way from my toes and fingers up to my chest/throat and i started hearing a extremely loud "white noise" and it seemed to me that my heart was pumping 10 times faster than usual. i tried to calm myself and tell myself that im about to enter a dream although i had no idea how to do that. so i imagined a door through which i could pass and enter the dream. So i entered a pretty blank dream scene where everything seemed grey and boring actually. it was some kind of storage facillity and nothing really happened i was just by myself with a flashlight walking from room to room which seemed to be the same room. It felt like i just got into some kind of infinite loop i couldnt get out of and i started to feel uncomfortable so i tried to concentrate and "reach" my physical body which was very hard. somehow i managed to roll over ( roll over in my bed) and wake up from that weird *** dream.

now i wanted to know if that was a LD or an OBE since i didnt WBTB and WILD.

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My opinion would be LD. You had a lot of the sensations of the beginning of a WILD.
If it happens again, really EXPECT to find something in the next room. eg your dream guide or a book/film/TV location etc

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