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Trying to make a DC lucid..?

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Trying to make a DC lucid..?
PostPosted: Fri 18 Nov, 2011  Reply with quote

Just as the title says, I had a strange dream last night. The contents of the dream had very little story and consistency involved. Mostly nonsense, but the important part of my last dream sequence is that I was with two DC friends. We were walking along somewhere, (i have no idea where we were, or even what the surroundings were). Then, we were suddenly somewhere else. At that point, I just suddenly got it into my head that I was retroactively Lucid. I also just knew that one of my DC friends was also lucid.
With some more walking, I decided to try to get my non lucid DC lucid. I told him it was a dream, and my lucid DC agreed with me, but didn't really aide me in my goal. When we were suddenly somewhere else, near the top of a ladder about 100 meters high, I told him "See? We're in a dream. That can't happen." But he didn't seem to get it, and the three of us started climbing down the ladder. I said a few other things, including telling him to do an RC. He still didn't get it, so I told him I'd prove it, and jumped off the ladder, falling about ten meters down, then stopping myself in the air, and flying back up to him. At this point, it kind of felt like that DC was flat out ignoring me, and didn't even acknowledge my presence anymore. The other DC that was "lucid", didn't really contribute, and started ignoring me in the sense that he just didn't want to get involved. I gave up and flew to the bottom of the ladder, where I lost "lucidity", and the dream continued on with it's nonsense.

The thing is, I was not Lucid. Myself in the dream was acting as though I was, but none of this triggered actual lucidity. Am I wrong by thinking the idea that DC can be exposed to Lucidity is silly? Strange concept of a dream.

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PostPosted: Fri 18 Nov, 2011  Reply with quote

It looks like it was a FLD.

I had a lucid dream where I was showing my friends what are lucid dreams, I mean what you can do and how RC work...

They were amazed but pretty calm about all this. At the end you are trying to make yourself lucid at some point...

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PostPosted: Fri 18 Nov, 2011  Reply with quote

I'm not sure if DC's can be lucid, because they are only part of your subconscious. All we really have is theories.

However, I once tried telling DC's that I was dreaming. One of them, and old man, said, "Haha! That's cool!" in a very believing way. But he didn't quite understand that he was just a character of my mind.

Or, maybe he just thought I was crazy

Good luck, and next time you are lucid, try convincing some DC's too!

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