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Great recall, low # of LD's

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Great recall, low # of LD's
PostPosted: Thu 05 Apr, 2012  Reply with quote

Ive always had great dream recall, recalling several pages of dreams on weekends ususally and a least a page worth everyday but im only averaging maybe 2 LD's per month, all DILD's and quite short. I havnt recorded my dreams though in about 1 month because i have been busy and lazy but i started up a new DJ 3 days ago and already recall is back up perfectly. I need to find some way though for more LD's!!!
Within a month i want to be averaging 1-2 LD's per week, that would be amazing---- since i already have great recall any ideas to help me get more lucid dreams???? O_o Thanks :D

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PostPosted: Thu 05 Apr, 2012  Reply with quote

Yeah I'm having the same problem so help would be nice as well. I've been remembering a good amount of dreams lately and used to have very hazy lucid dreams often a while ago but now they're just no happening for me.

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PostPosted: Thu 05 Apr, 2012  Reply with quote

I have no experience, as I only had 3 LDs until now. However, I think I got an idea on how DR should work.

You should use DR to get to know your dreams. Sometimes my mind starts do wander and I notice it's just the same sensation I have when I'm dreaming. Then, I do a RC (nose pinching only, most effective for me). You can notice recurrent themes and/or events in your dreams. For example, by these days I've been dreaming I'm in school with my friends. So, when I'm school with my friends I must pay attention and constantly do RCs. Also, you should check reality logically too. Asking something like "where am I? Do I know these place? What do I expect to happen? What was I just doing? Does anything look weird?". And when you are thinking about your dreams, you should ask yourself "why did I not get lucid? What should I have done in order to get lucid? What should I do next time if I'm in a similar situation?"

These are my thoughts. Hope it was some help.

Edit: Some last advice. Do not only pay attention when something looks odd, because things in dreams will look normal. And what's been working for me, SSILD. I want to try FILD too, but either I sleep too fast or I'm not sleepy enough. :D

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