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Sleep Paralysis dream?

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Sleep Paralysis dream?
PostPosted: Wed 15 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

So I woke up in the middle of the night to try the C-WILD technique. I started counting when I woke up but I fell asleep. I still remember what I dreamt, until I "woke up" a few hours later. I tried to move and only felt my muscles tense, and I couldn't. I began to freak out until I realized that I was in sleep paralysis. I don't think I remembered that I had fallen asleep...so I thought to myself "Ok, I got it! Now I just have to relax..." and even though my heart was beating quickly, I tried doing so. I tried to see if I could notice any HI but I barely couldn't. I occasionally saw some but they were blurry and disappeared quickly. Shortly then I began to hallucinate stuff. I heard footsteps, and I felt a side of my bed sinkin as if something was standing on it. No matter how much I thought to myself that it wasn't real, I was still panicking. Then (like others) I felt myself feel light and start sinking into the bed as well. I couldn't relax after a while, and after some other hallucinations so iGave up and decided to try and wake up. I changed my breathing rhythm and just stayed there, thinking that It didn't work. A few minutes later I opened my eye and sat up, realizing I could move.

Honestly, it all felt like a dream. It didn't feel real...And my heart was beatin normally when I started moving. It was a bit hard to even remember hoe everything felt. I laid back down and tried to sleep. I couldn't for about half an hour because I was still a bit scared, but eventually I did. I woke up and noe it feel even more as a dream, almost as if it never happened. Is it possible for a person to dream that they're in sleep paralysis? I'm really unsure if that really happened...This I'd the first time I experience it. I didn't even try the techniques...If It was real, I just woke up while my body was still paralyzed. I'm kind of confused...

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