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Dreaming in 3rd person

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Dreaming in 3rd person
PostPosted: Fri 15 Mar, 2019  Reply with quote

Hey guys, so I have a question. As far as I understood by now, most LD are in the first person. I never had one until now because I'm still working on my dream recall. But my problem is that I sometimes dream in the 3rd person. Basically, I see myself through somebody else's eye or I can even observe myself like a spectator without a body. Is that normal? Or will it interfere with my ability to have
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Hi and welcome to LD4all!

I can't speak for everybody, but I have had this kind of dream now and then, especially after playing RPGs. Some of them turned into lucid dreams, and when that happened, the view changed to a first person view. It was almost like changing the camera in a game. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. siiw

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hi mrlee, sounds like youre on the right track! keep working on your dream recall, recognizing different kinds of dreams is a positive step.

3rd person dreams are quite normal. i often have them after watching a movie or reading a book, or like Siiw, from video games.

it would probably be considered unusual to have only 3rd person dreams, but even then as Siiw says its possible to become lucid and switch to 1st person. ive also heard of 3rd person lucid dreams, though i think most people choose to switch to 1st person or do it naturally.

if you have a lot of 3rd person dreams you might try using that a sign that youre dreaming! grin many common dream signs and reality checks wouldnt work in 3rd person, but just the fact that youre a disembodied observer is a pretty strong sign. i bet you could adapt other techniques as well.

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