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Some Qs about EHS

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Novice dreamer
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Some Qs about EHS
PostPosted: Fri 21 Feb, 2014  Reply with quote

Ok, so, once in a while, when I am about to fall asleep just after going to bed, I experience a very loud sound along with a blue flash of light (Exploding Head Syndrome) and this just scares the heck out of me! Two nights ago, I experienced it once again, and this time, I noticed a few things that are common about my experiences. Usually, I sleep on my stomach, facing to my right, towards my closet, and the EHS never occurred in this position. But sometimes, I'll turn over to face the opposing way, and it DOES happen here. Every time. Is there some sort of correlation between my EHS experiences and my position? Also, I noticed that when this happens, my thoughts are very loose drifting, and they actually "race" faster and faster, building up to that final explosion. So, next time I notice my thoughts race like this, I'll be more prepared for when my once-in-a-while EHS experience, and maybe wake myself up before it even happens, because I just hate when it happens! Any thoughts on this?

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PostPosted: Wed 05 Mar, 2014  Reply with quote

I know that it might feel uncomfortable but if you menage to go through with it I believe that lucid dream is not far away from that point. Why? Well this sound is very much a point of tranitison from waking state in the dream state. One of the indicators of that is actually all those thoughts that are rushing through yours still waking mind.

I don't know another name for this phenomena which is usually used among dreamers but it's commonly used as the indicator that you will lose awarenes soon, luckily after that you will be in a lucid dream, like I said before.

Try to search more about that on the net. I will come back with more information tomorrow becauase I'm on my phone and it's late and I really need to get some sleep.

Cheers! ^^

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