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Lucid séance where I am the 'ghost'

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Lucid séance where I am the 'ghost'
PostPosted: Sat 12 Jan, 2019  Reply with quote

Ok, this one is a bit odd. I had a dream recently where as I became lucid, I found myself to be the 'ghost' in a séance into whose circle I was been called forth. I found this quite exciting, wondering maybe, just maybe had I really ‘astral projected’ somehow into a real seance as a sort of ‘living ghost'?

I even gave the 'participants' in the same my name, address and mobile number in the hope I might be contacted in the ‘real world’ so to speak. This did not occur of course (alas), but hey what a mind blower that would have been!

Nevertheless it was a fascinating experience and one utterly unique for me in all my years of my lucid dreaming.

What I found particularly interesting was the 'agency' present in the dream characters I encountered making me almost believe them to be 'real' at least in the 'fuzzy logic' way of being I am typically while lucid which is not for me anyway quite like been actually conscious but is something one only notices the difference between on actual awakening.

I remark on this because sometimes when lucid I meet dream characters that seem frankly little better than shop window dummies (I love to question the dream characters I encounter, whats your name, where are we, what year is this and so on) but not so in this case. A good dream and they can 'call' me back anytime they like!

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PostPosted: Thu 11 Apr, 2019  Reply with quote

Its very very hard to know if you actually were in a real seance. Most probably it was just a "normal" (whatever that means) dream.

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