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Characters Replaced

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Knight Banneret
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Characters Replaced
PostPosted: Thu 24 Jan, 2019  Reply with quote

I was reading back through my own DJ, 'The Mound of Thistles', and saw that in some posts apostrophes and quotations marks had been replaced by weird things like "�?". This affected both my and other people's posts, but not all of them. New posts seem to be unaffected, and I know that when I originally posted the affected ones, they were fine. Can they be changed back?

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PostPosted: Thu 24 Jan, 2019  Reply with quote

Hi DeRuyter,

Due to an unexpected server update, we've been dealing with a few character encoding issues. The issue is currently effecting special characters (such as Word's "smart quotes", smart-hyphens and apostrophes) and non-latin characters, with posts having been created or edited between May 2017 and Jan 2019 effected.

New posts will be mostly unaffected, with the exception of some non-latin characters.

Qu has tried to find a solution, but at this time they can only be changed back if users manually edit said posts.

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